Reasons Remodeling Kitchen

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider Remodeling Your Kitchen

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Reasons Remodeling Kitchen

Your kitchen is one of the main focal points of your home. Whether it is where your family meets at both the start of the day and end of the day or it exists as a nexus point for the family throughout the day, it is easy to let the kitchen simply stay as it is until you can’t stand it anymore. Here are three reasons you should consider remodeling your kitchen.

Updating Your Home as Quickly As Possible

Home appliances tend to last a decade or so before they are more economical to replace, though some people keep them limping along with a string of repairs. Conversely, if you replace older appliances like that 20-year-old oven and 15-year-old fridge, you’re putting in smart appliances with a sleek modern look. In short, it is the easiest way to remodel your kitchen. In fact, a set of premium appliances is a status symbol recognized worldwide. And if you’ve got the 1960s or older kitchen, the only remodeling you need to do aside from arranging the replacement of the old appliances makes updates to your water lines, drain lines, and electric lines, which new residents would expect to be done anyway.

Eco-Friendly in a Practical Fashion

Forget putting in triple pane windows or solar panels on the roof. After heating and air conditioning, our appliances are our biggest uses of energy. New refrigerators, dishwashers, ovens, and microwaves use less power than their predecessors. Modern dishwashers like newer clothes washers use less water, as well. If your kitchen appliances are getting old, the benefits of replacing them include environmental ones. Adding garbage disposal is another eco-friendly upgrade you could make since it takes less energy to send food waste down the drain to the water treatment facility than send it to the landfill. New wall designs also matter while your remodeling your kitchen. Replace the paint with a new coating and install the latest trending tiles such as porcelain tiles, metal mosaic tiles, or natural stone tiles


Some people want to increase the value of their homes. Updating a 1950s to a 2017 kitchen certainly achieves that. However, you don’t spend more than 20% of the value of your home on the kitchen update. A good rule of thumb is to use the standards of the community as a basis for what home buyers would expect. A chef kitchen in a luxury home may be par the course, but it is horribly out of place in a working-class community. And then there’s the practicality of the upgrades. Not many people would consider a wine refrigerator or exotic appliances value-added, whereas a second oven may attract the attention of someone who has a large family or bakes for the neighbors. An outdoor pizza oven or windows that make it easy to pass large trays from the kitchen to the grill will only appeal to a small segment of the population.


There are many reasons why remodeling your kitchen is a great idea. A remodeled kitchen, when in line with neighborhood expectations and having a broad appeal, improves the value of your home, and making little changes can completely transform your kitchen decor.

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