3 Tips for Hiring a Deck Builder

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Tips-Hiring-Deck-BuilderInstalling decking onto your home is a fantastic way to increase the value of your property while also adding somewhere new to relax and to entertain guests. Your decking can be enjoyed during the day or night and is an essential investment if you enjoy spending time outside in the spring and summertime.

However, if you want to make sure that your decking is of excellent quality, then you absolutely need to find a qualified deck builder that can turn your decking dreams into a reality. So, let us discuss 3 tips that can help you to find a brilliant deck builder.

Ask for a Referral

When looking for any kind of contractor, doing your research is vital. Start by working out precisely which style of decking you want to install. You can get some decking inspiration over on the Archadeck of Delaware website. Having established what you want, word of mouth recommendations can be particularly useful, especially if you know someone who has had decking installed that resembles the ideas that you have in mind for your own property. Consequently, start by asking relatives, friends, colleagues, and neighbours about decking builders that have worked for them. You could even consider talking to the staff at your nearest home improvement store to see who they might recommend.

Furthermore, your local home builder association can also provide a list of approved deck building contractors, and then, of course, there are always websites like where you can find decking experts in your area. As soon as you have managed to compile a shortlist of a few different decking contractors, you can begin to request some quotes. Depending on the scale of your project, and the type of decking materials that you want to use, there is a chance that the cost might vary from contractor to contractor, and therefore getting a mix of quotes can help you to secure the best possible deal.

Arrange to Meet

As soon as you have decided on a few contractors that you might want to pursue your project with, you can now arrange a meeting at your home to discuss your project. Be prepared to explain as clearly as possible what type of decking you want installing. This involves establishing deck shape, dimensions, materials, railing type, stair type, as well as the actual placement of your decking. You might also want to enquire about any special features that you would like building such as a gazebo, a planter, or a hot tub area.

Ahead of your meeting, you could even ask for some references. This might include photographs of projects similar to your own or the contact details of any satisfied customers. When speaking to a previous customer, be sure to enquire about how the work was done and whether the project was completed on time and within the original budget. If any follow up work was required, check that this was carried out to a satisfactory standard and ask whether the customer would hire the deck builder for future work.

Final Checks

If you are certain that your decking builder seems up to the job of completing your own project to a high standard, on time, and within your budget, then you can start to make sure that you are protected from any potential risks. Firstly, check that your contractor has a registered and legitimate business license. You can then enquire about whether they have business liability insurance. Liability insurance provides protection in case your home or any other surrounding properties are damaged or if a third party, such as your neighbour, gets injured.

Moreover, make sure that your deck builder has worker compensation coverage. This protects against the risk of claims of a financial loss if a worker is injured while completing your project. Additionally, ensure that you will receive a written warranty that specifies what is covered and for how long. The name, address, telephone number, and business license number of your contractor should all be included in your contract. Finally, make sure that your contractor is able to obtain a building permit for your project to guarantee that all local building codes are complied with and that a building inspector will be visiting to check the progress and quality of your decking.

Ultimately, if you want to take advantage of your own custom-designed decking, then reaching out to a decking contractor that understands your unique vision is crucial. Above all, by doing as much research as possible, you can find a skilled deck builder so that you can create somewhere beautiful to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature from your very own backyard.

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