Commercial or Residential Solar Power Packages: Which is Better?

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Commercial-orj-Residential-Solar-powerLike most products you can buy in life, you have a choice when seeking out a solar panel system. Actually, you have hundreds of options, but they break down into two main categories: Residential systems and commercial systems. The trouble a lot of people have when they’re just figuring out information about solar panels for the first time is deciding which sort of unit they need, or even if they’re allowed to have a commercial system on a residential property or vice versa.

The good news here is that the government regulations around these systems aren’t as strict as things like business zoning and the sorts of properties you must have to start a business, or the fact that many laws don’t allow people to live within commercial dwellings rated for business. The government wants to influence people toward solar power, not away from it, so things aren’t nearly as strict. That said, you will still want to know the difference in these systems so that you can hire the correct solar power contractor to do the job for your property and give you a system that’s a perfect match for your needs. So, here are some things you need to know.

Which Sort of Solar Power Package You Might Need

Commercial Packages

Commercial solar packages are rarely different from residential packages, other than their size and their output of energy. And it makes sense when you think about it. While homes want reliable energy, businesses need it. People operating a store, for instance, cannot have their power go out and have their food spoil due to lack of refrigeration. Companies on a deadline with clients cannot afford to be without the energy to produce materials. So what commercial packages offer is an abundance of energy so that, theoretically speaking, there will always be power in those batteries to provide essential electricity for the business. So the package for commercial properties isn’t different per se; it’s just bigger. It still functions in the same way, with PV cells converting DC to AC for usable electricity.

Residential Packages

On the flip-side of the commercial coin, residential packages are simply a bit smaller. In fact, as long as you’re selecting the proper solar power contractor, they will have no trouble installing either variety. Generally speaking, on average, a residential system will have up to 72 cells, while commercial has upwards of 96 cells, and perhaps even tracking technology. Commercial systems are smaller and more compact so that they can fit on roofs or in smaller yards. They’re also a lot more affordable. Though, of course, their energy output isn’t as large as the commercial packages. So this is certainly something people will want to keep in mind when shopping for their solar systems.

Why It Matters?

The reason this should matter to people is so that they can get the proper sort of system for their individual needs. In fact, a lot of residential homeowners entertaining a solar rig actually want to shop “up,” so to speak, by going with a commercial system that provides a lot of power. The huge benefit with this method is that you can sell the power back to the grid, via your municipality, and actually earn money so that your solar system ends up paying for itself. Though, of course, one also has to take into account size and area limitations. A lot of people who really want solar power barely have enough space to become energy independent as it is, so there’s no way they can just buy a larger system. On the flip-side of that, people with commercial properties likely cannot afford to go with smaller residential systems, and they will probably not provide nearly enough energy for their needs.

Your goal here, above all, should be to find a system that fits your needs. Maybe that’s a commercial system, and perhaps that’s a residential one. Look into both options with a qualified solar power company and figure out which way you want to go. You want to ensure you get the ideal system for your needs.

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