3 Trending Space-Saving Furniture for Small Spaces


Living in a small and cosy space is slowly becoming a common phenomena; it brings to light the need for a streamlined and minimalist living space that is required to pull this off. It also contributes a little something towards minimising the overall carbon footprint, making this way of living completely sustainable. 

Naturally, the increasing market of small space lovers has caught the attention of the furniture designers and they’ve come up with amazing space-saving pieces for your tiny home space. 

The key is to look for ways to integrate elements that can transform into something else. 

So if you’re looking to downsize or if you have a small space that could use some customisation, take a look at our unique suggestions to add some space-saving elements in your home. 

Let’s dive in! 

1. Murphy Beds

If you’re falling short of space to accommodate both – a place for entertainment and a comfortable bed, we suggest you look into modern-day Murphy bed designs. 

This can easily become your go-to for adding transforming furniture pieces in almost all the rooms in your home. 

Some Murphy beds come with the capacity of transforming into a comfortable sofa. The moment you wrap it up, it not only seamlessly disappears into the decor but also transforms into an above-head shelf without any hassle. 

2. TV Beds

Yet another kind of bed that can instantaneously elevate the mood of your room, opt for a single bed TV in your bedroom. The most important benefit that a single TV bed comes with is that it eliminates the need to have a dedicated TV unit in your bedroom. 

The TV is safely concealed within the bedframe meaning – you achieve a clean minimalist look throughout. Plus, your TV disappears into the depths of your bed frame when you are done indulging in your favourite shows and movies. 

It is the ultimate space saver furniture, giving you equal parts luxury and lifestyle. With this advanced technology you can now relax easily and add entertainment at your beck and call with a mere touch of a button. 

These beds are becoming increasingly popular amongst kids and they are completely safe if you choose to buy from a trusted brand. So, go ahead and order your single TV bed today and let the fun begin!

3. DIY Loft

One of the greatest benefits that come with an industrial loft space, even a small one, is that the open floor plan gives you the flexibility to develop a number of furniture arrangements. 

In case your small space has a high ceiling, you have ample ‘above-the-head’ space that you can do as you please. These overhead spaces are often unused and DIY lofts are simply perfect for this available room. You can easily monopolise the look and feel of your room with this transformable space solution. 

If you are thinking that a DIY loft can turn your apartment into a duplex, you might be wrong. The loft will be just enough to add a home office, a bedroom, or simply just some extra storage space while giving you the benefit of separating the rooms beneath.

There is a lot of scope in this idea, so we suggest you put your thinking hat on and allow your innovative side to take over. Once you have jotted down a few things to experiment with, you can use the available vertical space as creatively as possible.

Over to You…

There are a crazy number of companies that manufacture space-saving, transformable, and affordable furniture ideal for small spaces, so it is important that you do your homework before you experiment with your interiors. 

Planning and interior design or any sort of design upgrade in a small space are extremely challenging, so make sure you take as much help as you need from professionals. 

Sure there’s a lot of help available online, but we suggest you do not completely depend on that and look for experts or people who have chosen this lifestyle and ask them to help you out.

Before you do any of these things, it is important to decide upon a particular budget. You need to further divide this budget into different spaces of your house, prioritise and plan accordingly.

Look through different websites and companies that can help you transform your home and come to an educated decision.

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