Types of Moving Trucks

3 Types of Trucks that Used for Moving

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Types of Moving Trucks

Moving or shifting a home or office is never easy because you have to also carry your furniture, appliances, clothes, and other small to big things with you. 

Some people try to load their things in the trucks themself and others hire movers. A home or office movers use different types of moving vehicles to load and move your things from one place to another safely and like it, as they loaded it in the truck.

3 types of mover trucks that are used for moving

However, there are many vehicles that can help you move your home items but the following are the 3 main truck that is used by movers.

Pickup trucks

Pickup trucks are extremely useful and versatile. The pickup truck has been invented in the late 19th century. It is built for work, play, and everything in between. Pickup trucks come in all shapes and sizes, from the classic half-ton to the heavy-duty and everything in between. But they all share a few key characteristics, such as a boxy shape and a large bed. Pickup trucks are used for transporting food, home or office moving, carrying tools and equipment, and even taking passengers from one place to another city.

Cargo vans

They are also popular as commercial vehicles to transport products and goods and some moving companies, also use them as moving vans service. Cargo vans are similar to pickup trucks but have a boxier, less aerodynamic shape. They are typically used to transport goods in large quantities, such as food or building materials, to save on costs when compared to shipping the same goods via air or sea shipping. Cargo vans are also popular vehicles in different industries, including deliveries, construction, catering, and technology businesses.

Box trucks

Box trucks are the backbone of any modern logistics operation. They are versatile, reliable, and a perennial favorite among fleet managers and owners for their capacity to haul almost anything and everything. They are also some of the largest vehicles on the road, which can make them challenging to maneuver in tight spaces. Even so, many small to medium-sized businesses are turning to box trucks as their primary mode of transportation, and for good reason. Box trucks are also used to deliver printed newspapers, couriers or parcels, move households, and transport appliances.

These trucks come in different sizes such as 10-foot trucks, 14-foot trucks, 17-foot trucks, 20-foot trucks, 24-foot trucks, and 26-foot trucks.

So pick up a moving truck according to your requirement. A smaller vehicle will charge you less and a big vehicle can transport all things in one route.

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