Types of Trench Drain Grates

5 Different Types of Trench Drain Grates

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Types of Trench Drain Grates

Trench Drain Grates are also referred to as trench drainage grates. They are the elongated drainage system embedded in the ground and come with a covering. The covering is of grate that is designed to control excess surface water. 

Trench Drainage grates are made up of different types of material. Some of the material and brief ideas about each are listed below.

5 Types of Trench Drain Grates

The top different Trench Drain Grates with their brief information are listed below:

Iron Trench Drain Grates

The trench drain grates created from this material are natural and corrosion-resistant. They get the iron oxide coating when exposed to nature. This enables slow corrosion. The iron material here is commonly referred to as grey iron. It offers great vibration damping. They do not deform under compression.

Stone Trench Drain Grates

The trench from this material gives aesthetic vibes. They have high strength due to stone toughness. The material comes with high durability and sustainability. Stone grates are slip-resistant and prevent rusting for a longer time. Due to the high advantages, this material is used in manufacturing trench drain grates.

Steel Trench Drain Grates

Steel is best if you want tough and load-bearing trench drain grates. With the usage of steel trench pans over the drain grates, the system can hold the weight of heavy vehicle tires. Steel drainage systems are clean, reliable, and strong enough to use near busy roads with heavy vehicle areas.

Concrete Trench Drain Grates

This material is old-fashioned and involves a lot of labour work. At times it is flexible in terms of design. If Concrete is your material planning for trench drains, then your contractor can easily adjust the width, depth, slope, and extra features.

Fiberglass trench drain grates

Comes with high durability and is often used to construct drain grates near work sites, courtyards, pool and spa applications, or storage rooms. The material is corrosion-resistant and has great strength. Fiberglass comes with many options, such as large square grids and small square grids. People choose fiberglass, as the weight is light and is a bonus in some applications.


When choosing the material for trench drain grates, understand the environment in which this installation will function. Drain covers witness harsh and all the weather conditions. Therefore, they have to be weather effective and rust-free. Also, the trench grate material installation has curb appeal. Choosing the right material will affect the landscape.

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