Ways to Enjoy Restful Sleep

3 Ways to Enjoy a Restful Sleep

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Ways to Enjoy Restful SleepIn the modern age, where we face screens for most of the day, and stress is a leading cause of insomnia, sleep is one of the most important ways to take care of your body – and yet for some people, it is a difficult thing to manage. It can be hard to ‘switch off’ in the evenings, and while some find they can fall asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow, many others need to wind down and relax before they can comfortably drop off. But how do you lull yourself into this drowsy state? These are a mix of lifestyle habits and new things to implement into your evening routine that will help improve your sleeping patterns.

Drink Lots of Water

You have probably heard this many times before, in regards to losing weight, having more energy, and overall contributing to your health. But did you know that falling asleep dehydrated a sure-fire way to dramatically reduce the quality of your sleep? Not only do you run the risk of waking up in the middle of the night intensely parched, but in the morning, you will feel more groggy and sluggish than if you had simply drunk a couple of glasses of water in the evening. Taking glass to bed with you is also a good idea, although make sure you venture to the bathroom before fully settling in for the night to ensure an interrupted and comfortable rest. Green tea or fruit-infused water is also a great way to up your water intake and add some healthy flavor to the drink.

Exploring Oils and Tinctures

Using oils is a fantastic way to calm the body and have it enter a peaceful mode, ready for rest. Natural ingredients like lavender are known for their properties in aiding sleep and will melt away the stresses of your day. Some products may be rubbed into your temples, or you can even dilute the oils in water and spray them on your pillows or around the room for an at-home aromatherapy session! Some oils like these from Solutions By Doctor Dave can be taken orally, and are also a great way to calm the body, reduce stress and anxiety, and help remove pain in the body for easier sleep. Ingestible oils act quickly and are easy both to use and to manage your intake.


While you may think it can be hard to find the time in your busy schedule to essentially sit down and breathe, meditation has a great number of health benefits, and in the evening can really make a difference to your sleep quality. Whether it’s five minutes or thirty, just taking the time before bed to slow yourself down and connect with your body can really help you conquer stress head-on and prepare your body for deep and happy sleep.

Try out these methods for yourself! Not only will they change the way you sleep, but they will improve your overall health and help you take better care of your body.

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