What Buy Furry Friend Christmas

What to Buy Your Furry Friend This Christmas

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What Buy Furry Friend Christmas

Christmas is all about spending time with family and most of us can agree that our pets are valued members of the family, and should always be included in the festive celebrations. While your pet might not have any idea that it’s Christmas, the festive season can sometimes be a little stressful for pets with holiday decorations that they’re not used to, people spending more time at home, and more visitors than usual coming over. So, you might be thinking about making sure that your pet gets something special for the season, too. Here are some great gift ideas to get your precious furry friend.


When it comes to the holiday season, there’s certainly no shortage of festive treats available for cats, dogs, and other pets. Your local grocery store might stock some limited treats options just for Christmas including stocking designed for pets full of tasty treats or Christmas dinner flavored pet meals that will make sure that your furry friend gets to join in on the action on Christmas day.

Subscription Box

A subscription box like the wag well box for dogs is a great gift idea for your precious pooch this Christmas. It’s sure to keep them happy for as long as the subscription lasts with a range of products they will love turning up at your door every month. Keep your dog’s tail wagging with a regular delivery of healthy treats, fun toys, and more. You can also find subscription box options available for cats and other pets.


Most pets can never have enough toys, and there are plenty of options to choose from. Kong toys are an ideal choice for dogs since you can fill them with treats, freeze them, and keep your dog occupied for hours on end. If you have a cat, there are plenty of fun cat toys to choose from that will keep your feline friend happy over the festive season. Consider a laser mouse if you want the chance to enjoy more interactive play with your cat or a cat tree with scratch posts if you want to save your furniture from those claws.

Pet Clothes

Not all pets are a fan of getting dressed up, but some will happily oblige getting in any outfit that you put them in. During the festive season, there is always plenty of dog and cat sweaters and accessories that you can get your pet to help them get into the holiday spirit. There are tons of cute options to choose from whether you want a fun Santa outfit for your dog or a festive bow tie collar for your cat. Remember to only dress your pet in clothes if they are comfortable with it; dogs tend to be happier wearing coats and sweaters than cats, but this isn’t always the case.

Your pet is a key part of your family, so it makes sense to treat them to something nice this Christmas. What will you be getting your furry friend this holiday season?

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