Signs Need to Invest New Roof

4 Warning Signs that You Need to Invest in a New Roof

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Signs Need to Invest New RoofWhile it’s going to not appear to be it, the roof is an integral part of the house as there’s no home with a roof. Similar to how we like to keep up our hair, nails, clothes, etc, in the same way, roof maintenance is also important as it saves the house from different weathers. Roof maintenance is essential and if it’s done well your roof can go on for a long period of time without going through any major repair or replacement. But here’s the thing, one day or another you’ll have to get a new roof, and most of the people don’t get the warning of roof replacement as a result from there things do take a turn to the worst. To help you get things fixed in the early stage, we have brought a list of warning signs that can help you know if it’s the time to get the new roof.

Sagging Roof

If you notice your roof is sagging, consider it as the warning sign and get a new roof. There are many things that can cause a roof to sag. For example, a weak roof or the roof is not installed properly. When you see your roof sagging, don’t waste your money in repairing or fixing it, as it would collapse anyway, so get it replaced instead that will save you time and money.

Loose Nail Heads

If you notice that nails are loose or popping out of place, it is time to get a brand new roof. The areas around remaining nails and also the holes left by nails are prime places for leaks. This situation is mainly caused by age and weather. If your roof has exceeded the warranty age limit which is usually up to a decade, then it’s better to get a new roof.

Algae and Moss

If you see dark dots in your attic, that’s the sign that your roof is damaged from somewhere. If you see water actively leaking into your home or attic, then that’s a sign for you to invest in a new roof. you’ll need a roof replacement in Naperville. So, if your roof’s shingles are covered with algae and moss, that’s the indication for you to get a new roof.

Missing Shingles

When some shingles are missing from your roof, take it as a sign that your roof is old and needs to be replaced. Throughout the roofing process, professional Naperville roofers continuously try to keep every shingle in the right position. But with time, the shingles may become loose and fall out. If you discover shingles missing, particularly when your area faces a storm, it might be a signal that your roof is getting old and needs to be replaced shortly as without durable shingles you could end up damaging the inside of your home during a severe weather storm.

It’s important to take care of your roof but as soon as you see these signs call a Roofing Company in Naperville to get a new roof.

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