How To Use Voice2v To Your Advantage- A Step-Wise Guide

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voice-and-video-editorWhen it comes to video editing, a lot of editors and professionals require different tools to assist them throughout the process. In some cases, you might have a very good audio file that needs some visual aid in the form of a video. If you are trying to do this, voice2v is the perfect platform for you to try. It works like any other video editor but has one additional feature that distinguishes it from the rest.

The audio to the video converter of this website will help you in more ways than one. Not only does it help you convert any audio file to a much better-looking video, but it also lets you edit this in a very easy and convenient manner right on the same platform. Your entire process can start from scratch and end here, on the same website. Here are some easy steps you can follow and learn how to use this website to the best of your advantage.

1. Select an audio file

When you first go to the website, you will find a place where you can upload your audio file. Select this option and pick an audio file from your own computer. For this, you will have to transfer the file from your Drive or mobile phone to your computer first.

The website makes it very easy for users to insert their audio files and keep them that way while proceeding to the next steps. After uploading one or multiple audio files, it takes you to the next step.

2. Choose a background

The main advantage of using a website that helps you edit your video is that most of the material or content to put up is already there. All you have to do is select it and customize it as per your requirements, and it makes your task a lot easier to put out videos faster.

Having these backgrounds does not mean you have to choose from them only. You can still always upload your own images and use them as a background for your video. It is also possible to use this video editor and upload multiple images one after the other.

3. Upload your logo

If you are working for a brand or company or even for a personal profile, chances are, you will be given a logo. This website makes it easy for you to incorporate this logo in the appropriate opacity at the bottom of your screen.

When a feature like this is available, it is recommended to insist on having a logo because all you have to do is upload an image, and you have the set ready. If things are made so easy for you, why not use these features to the fullest? After all, logos do give your video a more professional look and clean finish

4. Add text

After you have chosen a picture to upload and added a logo, you will be taken to the next step- adding in text. Remember, even though you have the option to add some text, make sure you do not bombard the video with lengthy paragraphs.

In the end, it is still a video that is a visual medium. Having so much content to read in a video can be off-putting for your viewers. A small line that gives more context to the viewer and tells them what the video is about should be enough. However, if you do have a lot of text to put in, at least space it out equally throughout the video instead of putting it all in the same part.

Shorter bullet points can go in a similar way, where only the most important information is presented in a concise manner. The focus still has to be on the audio and video.

5. Make a slideshow

If you are inserting multiple pictures in your video or also uploading a small video or more than one, you can consider preparing a slideshow that is comprehensive of all your data and content.

Having a slideshow is a better version of incorporating a regular PowerPoint presentation. There is more scope to be creative and as a video editor, you won’t be restricted to the confines of an ordinary presentation. You can insert images and videos with the utmost ease.

6. Edit and trim

Once you have all your elements in place, you can start editing it and trimming the audio and video as per your requirement. This step is very important and here is where your actual skills as a video editor will come to use.

It is essential at this point that you know what parts are unnecessary and can be cut from the audio or video to make it more crisp and comprehensive.

7. Final touches

This final step comes towards the end of your project where you have almost converted your audio clip to a full-fledged video and now all you need to do is refine it better and possibly add some flair to it.

Doing this will make your video more attractive. For example, using GIFs, effects, or enhancers for your video will make it visually appealing. Although, using these in casual videos is best, and avoid using them for a professional presentation or in a formal situation. Know your audience well and who you are presenting to before actually incorporating these effects.


A website like Voice2v comes with a plethora of advantages that its users can derive from and make good use of. It is free to use, but there are also a few features that you can use by buying a paid subscription. Having a paid plan can be very useful if you edit videos and do the conversion of audio to video on a regular basis.

These plans are highly affordable and comprehensive of the whole website and the things it offers to the users. With a diverse set of plans to choose from, you will definitely find one that is best for you.

This website helps you by providing a wide range of available templates and images that, if skillfully edited, will not even look like a pre-set template. So, get your editing hat on, and start converting your audio to video and making some of the most engaging content ever.

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