Bring Windows Original Look

How to Bring the Original Look to Your Home Windows?

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Bring Windows Original Look

Replacing rotted wooden windows with new ones is a fairly popular service. Many people prefer window constructions made of natural materials.

The owners of wooden structures come to the decision to replace them for a number of reasons:

  • Old wooden windows have fallen into disrepair
  • Desire to use environmentally friendly material
  • The old window was installed incorrectly or does not function correctly
  • Desire to transform the interior or preserve the unity of style in a wooden house

How to replace rotted wood around the window?

If there are rotten areas on the wood, then this part must be removed. Further, according to the circumstances: if the damage is small, then proceed to puttying. Sometimes puttying can be carried out in several stages – it depends on the degree of damage.

For medium-sized damage, a sawdust and glue aggregate can be prepared. Fill the damaged areas with this mixture. After the sawdust adhesive has dried, putty any remaining minor damage.

If the rotted area is too large for putty and filler, then you will have to fill it with cut-to-size blocks. They should be glued and – if possible – additionally nailed or fastened with a drywall screw.

After the glue dries, the area should be putty with ordinary wood putty. The next step is stripping. The frame must be carefully sanded. Pay attention to the putty areas.

How to replace window glass in the wooden frame?

Do not be afraid to insert glass into the window yourself: this process is not very difficult. The only difficulty is cutting the glass to the required size. To do this, you can purchase an inexpensive glass cutter, but it will take a little practice, otherwise, there is a risk of ruining the glass that will be inserted. The best option is to purchase a glass of the right size. A glazier can help to cut the required element.

Replacing glass in windows should be done with a glass of the same thickness as before. 4 mm is the most common window thickness. If the window is large, glass up to 10 mm thick can be used. If you are afraid that the glass will be broken, you can install reinforced: it copes better with mechanical stress and is more durable.

How to replace rotted window frame?

The installation of wooden windows includes several stages; it is required to start with the dismantling of old structures. The easiest way to replace rotted window frame is to file the old frames and pull them out.

The window opening must be thoroughly cleaned of the remnants of putty, various debris.

In order for the frame to be fixed, recesses are drilled along the perimeter of the opening. The hole pitch should not exceed 80 cm, the window must be installed using a builder level since it is very important that it is fixed perfectly level. When installing a wooden window with your own hands, make sure that the structure does not deviate horizontally or vertically. Some deviations are permissible for technical specifications. They should not exceed 1.5 mm per 1 meter. If the window is more than two meters, the total deviation still cannot exceed 3 mm.

The technology of installing wooden windows provides for fixing the frame with dowels, which are attached through pre-drilled holes in the frame. Anchor plates will need to be used to securely attach the dowels.

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