5 Actionable Ways to Improve Your Workplace Culture

Improve-Workplace-CultureEntrepreneurs are always striving to stay one step ahead of their competitors. One way to do this is by setting goals and objectives. There are vital Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that you can track to measure your organisation’s success. Intangible KPIs include workplace culture, employee satisfaction, and innovation. On the other hand, tangible KPIs include things like average order value, the number of sales, and conversion rate.

Today, we will focus on a crucial intangible KPI that plays a vital role in a company’s success-workplace culture. Workplace culture is the atmosphere you create in a work environment. It is influenced by your company’s beliefs, values, attitudes, and behaviours.

Bad workplace culture demoralizes employees, consequently decreasing their productivity. Most candidates will generally avoid working in such an environment. When customers notice that your company has a bad workplace culture, they are likely to switch to a competitor. In addition to that, employees will find it difficult to work together on projects.

Ways to Improve Workplace Culture

1. Make Everyone Comfortable With Collaborative Work

The most successful companies in the world have one thing in common: they encourage collaborations. Collaborations are more than just accomplishing tasks together.

When employees regularly work on projects together, they feel that they are a team. A great way to encourage this culture is to have collaboration spaces. Creating areas like the dining room where workers can mingle as they have their meals is another way to boost interpersonal interactions.

2. Trust and Transparency

Ensuring trust and transparency at the workplace is a great way to boost workplace culture. Managers should let employees know what goes on behind the scenes. Mistrust in the workplace can negatively affect how employees work or interact with each other.

3. Public Rewards and Private Coaching

How often do you reward employees for doing a good job? In an Achievers Survey, 55% of 1700 respondents said that the major reason they wanted to switch jobs was lack of recognition.

When employees show positive behavior or make achievements that contribute to your company’s success, you need to recognise them. You can do this during your weekly meetings. Other ways to do this include gifting and writing Thank You cards.

Private coaching is another way to show that you care about employee development. Instead of publicly criticizing employees, you can privately coach them to perform better.

4. Learn How to Give Feedback on Employees’ Performances

Negative feedback can reduce a worker’s morale. Even when they have done a shoddy job, fight the urge to rebuke them. Mention how important they are to your team, and then point out their mistakes or bad behaviours.

Tell them why their behavior or performance is a concern and guide them on how they can improve. If you have a problem giving positive feedback, you can consult a professional at Tenant Talks.

5. Stick to Your Company’s Core Values

Employees like being part of an organization that has a solid workplace culture. When they join you, they know that they have to respect the company’s values and beliefs. This will also improve your reputation in the eyes of customers.

A strong workplace culture sets up your business for success. Companies with a poor work culture normally have high turnovers, and their productivity levels remain low. Use the above tips to improve your workplace culture.

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