5 Beautiful Crafts You Can Make with a Die-Cut Machine

Die-Cut-Machine-craft-makingMaking crafts items is not just a hobby- you can end up making several unique and functional objects without having to pay for them. Making crafts is an exercise in increasing your creativity as well. Having some tools help you in making these items, and one of them is the die-cut machine.

If you are an expert craftsman, then you can make countless items if you have such a machine at your disposal.

Here are some stunning craft items you can make with them.

1. Coin Pouches

Carrying loose coins around with you for some change is essential when you step out of the house, but they can sometimes be a bother in your regular purse. Why not make some coin pouches to store them? You can make attractive pouches with a die-cut machine as it lets you cut interesting shapes from a wide range of fabrics.

You might use double layers of cotton or felt to make the pouch. Cut out four flaps of identical shape with the machine and stitch them together. Cut out another flap for the base. Attach a button or a zip at the top, and you are done.

2. Mobile Phone Holders

Your mobile phones are expensive and definitely, the most important gadget you have as it contains all your contacts and details. However, buying a mobile phone cover can be an added expense. Nevertheless, you cannot leave your phone unprotected. You can easily design mobile phone pouches from leather or felt.

Measure your mobile phone and make the holder larger by half a centimetre on all sides. Then cut out the fabric or material of your choice with the die-cut machine. You can also stitch on beads or other details to personalise the holder.

3. Cards

The concept of sending a card to a loved one is a dying practice, but that is what making one with your own hands makes it so special. You can cut out almost any kind of card paper with the die-cut machine.

You can cut out the most interesting patterns and motifs by tracing the design on the paper and then using the machine to cut along the edges. It will be one of the most striking cards you have made. Once you get used to the machines, you can go on to make more intricate patterns.

4. Photo Frames

If you thought it was difficult to make photo frames at home because it is not easy to work with wood, think again. You can shape any chipboard or cardboard with die-cut machines. Die-cutting chipboards are great for working on larger projects. You can also work with corrugated wood to add some extra texture to the frames. However, ensure you follow the instructions on the manual before starting work.

5. Appliqués

You can paint or stitch appliqués or any fabric or material of your choice and then use the die-cut machines to cut it out so that you can place them on items of your choice. Turn your mundane jeans or t-shirts into interesting pieces with appliqués on materials like wool, leather, felt, foam, or even artificial fur. You can create an entire style by adding details to your regular outfit with a cricut machine.

With the help of die-cut machines, you can create endless possibilities. Invest in one today if you are ready to take your crafting skills to the next level.

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