Brain Exercises for Sharp Memory

5 Brain Exercises for Sharp Memory and Intelligent

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Brain Exercises for Sharp Memory

The brain is the central and most important part of the human body. It is just like the remote that manages the working of each action. It is a machine that can work better with specific exercises. You can sharpen your memory and intelligence with the help of specific exercises mentioned in the article below.

Brain Exercises that enhance the memory and intelligence

Many exercises improve the memory quality of an individual and also intelligence. With the help of exercise, you can help your brain stay healthy and sharp. Some of the exercises for you to jot down are mentioned below:

Jigsaw Puzzle

Joining 1000 pieces or 100 pieces of any picture to make the Eiffel Tower or any mickey mouse is an excellent way to grow your brain. Jigsaw Puzzles and other puzzles develop cognitive abilities and protect the brain from other visuospatial cognitive aging. To explain further, while putting together the jigsaw puzzle pieces, you have to look at various pieces and pick the best that fits. You have to look around multiple times until the picture is complete. 

Constant Learning and vocabulary

Rich vocabulary makes people intelligent and intelligent. They gain the power to explain themselves and speak. Remembering vocabulary is a tedious task and often provokes the learning side of the brain. This activity proved best for memory loss. This activity also helps in cognitive-boosting activity. 

Impart your knowledge again to someone

You revise while you teach. Imparting impacts your learning skills. While teaching, you may encounter various areas of flaws. The activity will help you practice yourself. For teaching someone, you need to be very clear with your mistakes and concepts, and this helps in growing intelligence and smartness. 

Listen to Music

A recent study proved that listening to happy and melodious tunes helps grow more innovative solutions. Listening and grooving to some good music will help you boost your brainpower and creative thinking ability. Music helps you recall your memory while reaching out to the familiar one. There is an endless genre in music; you can choose the genre that picks your mind and grants peace. 


A study in Boston stated that frequent meditation bolsters your brain’s cerebral cortex. Your cortex usually deals with mental functions like memory, concentration, and Learning. By including regular or frequent mediation in your routine, you can create a strong network of blood vessels in the cerebral cortex. Meditation helps in the reinforcement of memory capacity. Meditating for 20 minutes a day enhances memory and concentration power.  


You can also include the “Memory game” while teaching with the lists mentioned above. In this game, you must start with the word, and the other person needs to include one more word. The game builds up the chain or word and helps in increasing memory power.

The theory has that exercising something for 22 days will make your mind accustomed to that. We highly recommend one follow the exercises for 22 days.

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