Leaving Native Homes Moving to Cities

Why People Are Leaving Native Homes and Moving to Cities

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Leaving Native Homes Moving to Cities

More people live in the villages than in cities in ancient times and most people only did agricultural and cattle farming business. They did not have enough work to do and earn a good income. They were only dependent on their family business.

If you think about your family history, your parents or grandpa may come from the village to the city. Nowadays the number of people has increased who leaving ruler’s areas and settled in urban towns. There are a number of reasons why people have to leave their native homes, neighbors, and the place where they are born.

6 Big Reasons for migration from village to city

More Facilities

People do not get more facilities and amenities in the villages in contrast to cities such as education, public transport, attractions, entertainment, restaurants, medical care, electricity, drinking water, sanitation, parks, street lighting, community clubs, shopping, and grocery shops. Village people have to travel to a city so that they can get or purchase needed things and services.


Work or job is another big reason for migration from village to city. People from small towns or villages come to cities so that they can get work or jobs. As you know most village people only depend on farming and a few other small businesses. Nowadays millions of people are moving to places where they can get jobs so that they can earn money and improve their financial condition. All the public and private industries and offices are set up in the urban areas.


Some people think, that living in the city will increase their status and lifestyle. They could live independently, meet new people, join clubs, and enjoy outdoor wondering, and entertaining things. Living with or near well-educated people will improve the individual standard of living. You will also think and learn something new.


When you go to work or school from village to city daily, it consumes a lot of time and energy. To save time and avoid daily hassles, people think it is better to live in and around that place than up-and-down daily. Most people want a workplace near their residence that’s why they are planning on moving into Bristol or a nearby place.

Acquisition of villages

This is another big reason for increasing the city’s population. Now our old cities don’t have much space to build new homes and offices that’s why now govt. or developers have started acquiring and merging villages into cities. Now we can say “our cities are bornt from villages“.

More Opportunities

The village people don’t get the opportunities that a city has. In the cities, education standard is high, more professional healthcare workers, a different quality of life, more innovative thoughts, high-living standard, more diversity, a law system, and financial strength.

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