5 Creative and Totally Romantic Date Ideas Your GF Will Love

Romantic-Date-IdeasNot even coronavirus can stand in the way of love. Sure you can’t go out (and for some of us, even see our S.O’s), but once you get creative you’d be surprised at how many dates you can recreate either virtually or at home. Here’s a few to get you started.

Virtual Date Ideas

For those of you who have been forced into long-distance relationships with the spread of coronavirus, here’s some ideas of date ideas you can do from either side of a screen.

Virtual Tour

With the power of the internet, and generosity of museums, you can now go on a museum or gallery tour from the comfort of your own home. So get yourselves on FaceTime, start a virtual tour and try to make intelligent conversation about that piece of art you have no idea about.

Virtual Date Night

It’s a well-known fact that girls love food. They love free food even more. So why not order your girlfriend’s favourite takeaway to her house? She won’t be expecting it and will show her that you’re thinking about her (and you remember the things she likes). This way you can still share the wonderful experience that is food still. 

Another super romantic date idea that you can do even if you’re long-distance is to send her a care package full of chocolate, her favourite snacks and a face mask, and buy yourself some too. Then you can FaceTime, have a Netflix party and have a little down-time together.

Quarantine Date Ideas

If you’ve been lucky enough to be on lockdown with your girlfriend, you now have an opportunity to get some real bonding time in. If you don’t have any friend, try to find at GlobalLove or any local platform.

Get creative together

Nothing says romantic like quality time. And we don’t mean Netflixing on the sofa next to each other while you scroll through social media. Try your hand at painting portraits of each other, and who knows, you might discover a hidden talent!

Build a den

Our homes have become our whole worlds recently, so it’s important to make them our sanctuary. You can do this in a fun way for a date idea with your girlfriend by building a den. Go crazy with blankets, pillows and lights to build the perfect little hideaway, so it doesn’t feel like you’re stuck in the house all the time.

Have a spa-evening

Another great way to make your girlfriend feel special is with a spa evening. Set up your bedroom as a makeshift spa, run her a bath, light the candles, find a relaxing playlist and give her a massage. Not only will this set the most romantic mood, but she’ll feel valued and treated, and you might even get a treat in return! 

We hope these ideas give you some inspo for your own relationship, whether near or far.

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