5 Creative Ways to Trash the Wedding Dress

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Weddings are a beautiful thing, really. To see a couple come together in loving matrimony and give themselves to one another is truly wonderful. Of course, the group dancing, orange juice, wedding cake, fine dining, small wedding favors, and friendly, fun atmosphere is also pretty awesome. Although the day is about the couple and their passion for one another, in many cases, all eyes are locked on the bride. You may ask why and there is a simple answer. After long months of planning, many hours of tears (good and bad ones), and a few more gray hairs, the bride finally gets to enjoy the day. So of course, all eyes will be on her.

Most times, the first impression of the bride is when she is walking down the aisle in her dress with her arm woven into her father’s, who cannot stop beaming and looking at his gorgeous daughter. What grabs the attention of the guests is a combination of both the beautiful bride and her stunning wedding gown. But even though the wedding is just for one day, the bride will want to get the most use out of that dress as she possibly can! Something new, trendy, and fun that has become popular among many brides, is Trashing the Dress. You may wonder how this is getting the most out of the dress as you possibly can. But after the day is over, why not do something fun with it? Throwing paint on your dress or rolling in the mud is definitely a fun way of getting the most out it. There’s no deadline – you can trash your dress after it has been sitting up in your attic for years. Whether on your actual wedding day or years later, below are some fun and creative ideas for trashing (I prefer the term “enhancing”) the wedding dress!

Mud Trash the Dress

Get muddy! Seriously. Many brides have no idea how stress-relieving having a mud fight or rolling around in mud really can be. If you are looking for a way to truly destroy your dress with no boundaries that you have purchased from wedding dress shops sydney, mud is the way to go. Make sure to snatch your photographer to take some fun pictures of you both having your first fight as a married couple!

Trash the Dress – Waves

Get Wet in the Waves! This is especially a great option for a destination wedding or beach wedding, but this does not mean you can’t do this form of dress-trashing in lakes or rivers, as well. Playing in the water is fun for anyone, and they make for some fun pictures! Being in the water is great for fun pictures like the one above, but it can also be good for some kiss shots, piggyback playfulness, and romantic sunset pictures, too.

Paint Trash the Dress

Get Artsy! Looking for some ways to brighten up your plain white dress a bit? This is definitely one of those ways! Whether it’s painting pictures on yourself, having your husband dump a bucket of paint on your head, or having your kids do some finger painting or handprints, this is one way to make it special and memorable.

Spray Paint Trash the Dress

Get Graffitied! If there is a beautiful mural or immaculate and impressive graffiti somewhere in the city, why not have some fun yourself? This is one way to get artsy but is a little different. You can really have fun with it, writing your special date all over the bottom or spraying cute nicknames you have for one another on it. Just make sure you keep it on your dress and don’t get too carried away on a building nearby!

Juice Trash the Dress

Get Juice On! Getting drenched in juice is by far one of the more unique and not as popular ways to trash a dress. But it is definitely entertaining, not to mention tasty! If your wedding venue is at a juice hard or maybe juice has a symbolic, special, or simply pleasurable meaning to you, throwing some juice on your dress is sure to be a memory!

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