A Wow Moment in Luxury Wallpaper and Designer Wallcoverings

Luxury Wallpaper and Wallcoverings

Do you ever get that feeling when you come across something really special, a feeling of ‘Wow, I really need to share this with the world’? We do from time to time, and this is one of those times!

If we start by saying, you haven’t seen anything in the realm of wallcoverings if you haven’t seen this, you’ll start to get the idea.

Have you ever thumbed through one of that designer or luxury brand interiors catalogues and wondered where those amazing and often eccentric wallcoverings come from? The ones that frame your imagination and indulge your passion for the outlandish?

If you’re anything like us you probably didn’t give a second thought to the possibility that these types of wallcoverings were even available to the consumer in the street, that perhaps they were reserved for the elite set.

Satisfying Quirkiness Cravings

We would bet that however quirky your imagination or curious your taste, you will find something to satisfy your cravings for the unusual right here. These are the type of luxury wallcoverings that will literally transform any space into something truly outstanding. So if you are looking to turn heads, read on.

The childrens wall decals Australia offers an immense range of designer wallpaper brands and wallcoverings.  Names such as Andrew Martin, Anna French, Armani, Brain Yates, Colefax and Fowler, Galerie, Rebel Walls, Osborne & Little, and Zoffany are just a trickle of the long shower of eminent names that are on offer, and the great thing is, they’re all easy to purchase from the company’s online store.

Glamorise, Indulge, Create

Love to glamorise? The Zinc Textiles Glamorama collection will splash dazzle on your walls. Passionate for patterns? Manuel Canovas has to be the Prince of Print with his pretty coverings depicting romantic themes and quaint scenes of everyday life such as tradesmen at work.

And then you have 3D Boards: this is where you can really – really – indulge your inner design maharishi. From gold block mosaics and red waves to a maze design created using complex branching passages for a truly striking finish, 3D Boards is all about the formation of amazing focal points.

Glitter Wallpaper

If you fancy blinging up your walls or hanker after a focal feature that goes all out to dazzle, Best Wallpaper’s glitter wallpaper range will more than catch your eye. Proclaimed as the leading worldwide supplier of glitter wallpaper and wallcovering for more than a decade, the company’s designers have sourced and developed in excess of 70 striking styles, all cut to order.

The range includes a 3D holographic glitter print which is smooth to the touch and twinkles away as it catches the light. Halogen spots really bring out the best to the point you can’t stop indulging in the glimmers. And then there’s the glitter range with a whole host of colourways to choose from. Material backed, it does benefit from professional hanging, although if you’re opting to go it alone, there is telephone support available and you’ll get full hanging instructions and decorating advice too.

If you’re seeking out something uniquely special to cover your walls, we say the luxury wallpaper and designer wallcoverings from The Best Wallpaper Place will deliver on every count. Have a browse and enjoy the indulgence!


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