Different Types Of Gold

5 Different Types Of Gold for Jewelry and Investment

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Different Types Of Gold

Before you can buy the perfect present for your friend, invest in gold, or get the perfect gold bullion for your new jewelry collection, you need to know – what are the different types of gold? You might not have thought there were different types of gold, but they are – and they can all drastically differ in terms of appearance, shape, size, worth, and purity!

Although people typically think of gold as a gold necklace, gold bracelet, or gold wedding band, they may not know that gold can vary in multiple aspects. You will see that gold has become one of the most popular types of metal to use in jewelry making in today’s world – but that doesn’t mean that everyone is created equal.

Let’s see the different types of gold, the different values of gold for investment purposes, and the different colors of gold that are used in jewelry today!

Learn all you can about the different types of gold here! 

Yellow gold

One of the most popular types of gold that you can purchase at a jewelry store or invest in with your money is yellow gold. Usually, when you are looking at gold bracelets or necklaces, you are looking at yellow gold – yellow gold is oftentimes considered the most untouched form of this substance. Since it is the purest version of gold, it typically is high-quality and high-priced. 

Rose gold

Another common type of gold that you can purchase from jewelry stores is rose gold – rose gold is a type of pure gold that typically is mixed with copper (hence why it has a red/pink glow to it!). Rose gold can vary depending on the types of copper that are used with it and the other types of metals used in combination with the gold – therefore, the tint and the colors of the gold can differ depending on the metals used. Usually, rose gold is less expensive than other gold jewelry options, making it a good choice for presents for friends and family. 

Green gold

This less commonly used type of gold is mixed with silver, giving the gold the green color when compared to rose or yellow gold.

Grey gold

This type of gold is made by combining gold with palladium, often considered to be a more affordable alternative to other types of gold due to the color and the mixture of inexpensive metals.

Black gold

The last type of gold that we want to discuss is black gold, another common type of gold that

is used in many pieces of jewelry today, such as bracelets, necklaces, pendants, and much more! By using oxidation, chromium, and cobalt, the black gold color is formed.


As you can see, there are many types of gold that you can use for your jewelry! You can find rose gold as a cheaper alternative to yellow gold, coming in pretty pink and red colours. If you want to purchase a high-value and long-lasting piece of jewelry for an investment purpose or an expensive gift, look for yellow gold jewelry. Other options that are good for unique choices or friends or family include blue gold, green gold, or black gold!

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