Office Relocation Checklist

Office Relocation Checklist: Things to Do Before Moving

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Office Relocation Checklist

Regardless of your company’s size, moving an office can be a daunting task. When you’re moving an entire office, you’re also moving all of the office’s equipment and furnishings. When it comes to your company’s finances, you want to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible, including the employees.

In order to keep track of everything that needs to be done and ensure that the move is completed on time, it’s a good idea to use an office relocation checklist. Use this moving checklist to plan everything out and create a moving calendar for you to follow. Doing so will benefit both you and your coworkers in the long run.

Get Organised And Stick To Your Deadlines

Because of the location and circumstances of the move, you may need more time to set up the new office. To ensure a smooth transition from one location to another, plan your moving date and current lease termination date in advance to ensure a smooth transition from one location to another. In light of these factors, choose an office relocation adelaide and date that allows for some flexibility in the event of a last-minute setback.

Finally, hold meetings every week or biweekly to reinforce the deadlines on your business relocation checklist. By posting a public calendar in the workplace, you can hold your employees to their deadlines and keep them on track.

Getting Ready

You should begin putting together a budget based on current numbers and costs associated with your new location. Due to the nature of the move, costs may be lower or higher. It is up to you to determine whether these expenditures can be justified from a financial standpoint.

You’ll also need to account for the costs of moving to a new location, as well as any setbacks. Relocation costs include the cost of professional movers as well as the cost of shipping office furniture. Plan carefully for these one-time expenditures, as they still affect your bottom line.

Here’s Your Consolidated Checklist For Moving Day

  • Obtain a detailed floor plan for your new home
  • The new office space should be measured and planned out in advance
  • Create a list of all the office furniture that is currently in use
  • A furniture company should be consulted before purchasing additional furniture
  • If necessary, order new office supplies and furniture
  • If necessary, set up extra storage space
  • Organize your departments according to a colour code system. Assemble a detailed floor plan and assign colour-coded labels to each department
  • Add a number to each employee’s desk and equipment to identify them
  • On your new floor plan, clearly label and identify communal areas
  • Don’t forget to sign any official paperwork, including permits and licences
  • Parking and elevators should be reserved ahead of time for moving day
  • Make sure your current office and new location are cleaned before you move in
  • Access codes and security measures for the new location need to be finalised
  • Send your movers a detailed floor plan, or set up a meeting at the new location if necessary
  • On the day of the move, put together a detailed plan for your employees to follow
  • Everyone involved in the move, as well as the elevator maintenance and building management should have a list of emergency phone numbers on hand

One Month To Go

Employees should be made aware of the move and the new building’s details. Keep your business cards current at this time.

Ensure that all of your key suppliers and clients are informed of your move date and new contact information so that you can maintain those relationships built on proximity during the transition.

Make sure the movers know when you’ll be arriving.

Loading docks and goods elevators must be reserved in advance

The post office should be notified of your new phone numbers and address.

Your business cards and stationery should be updated with the new location.

The first step in the process of reorganising your records and archives is sorting and culling. Make sure that you have secure waste bins available for the destruction of sensitive items as well as a general trash facility. Make sure you are aware of the laws governing the retention of information and records before deciding to destroy them.

Plan an environmentally friendly method for disposing of electronic waste.

One Week To Go

Confirm the bookings for the loading dock and goods elevator

Assist in delivering boxes and labels.

Employees should be given access codes or cards.

Your website’s address should be updated.

Ensure that all vendors are on the same page as far as delivery and installation times are concerned

Finally, On The Day of the Move

Whether you clean up the old site yourself or hire cleaners, make sure it’s spotless.

Include a map of the new office, OHS and safety information, and information about parking and transportation in the relocation goodies pack for all employees

The staging of the items being relocated will be the responsibility of move coordinators and champions.

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