5 Easy Ways To Hang Frame Pictures On The Wall

Ways Hang Frame Pictures On Wall

A-frame picture is a beautiful way to add personality and style to any room. This can be a tremendous hassle to put up a picture if users don’t have the appropriate equipment. Here are 5 easy ways to hang framed pictures on the wall.

Easy ways to hang frame pictures on the wall

1. Use an Anchor Board

An anchor board is a great way to easily and securely hang a framed picture on the wall. Simply use the screws that come with the anchor board to attach the frame to the board. This method is perfect for pictures that are heavy or have large frames.

  • Try to use drywall anchors.
  • Now use self-drilling to fix anchors with very little pressure.
  • Now fix another anchor and attach the board or shelf to the wall, where users want to hang their frames.

2. Use hanging strips

Strips are a new and powerful way to hang any frames on the walls. This method of hanging frames is totally damage-free.

  • First, clean that area on the wall, where the user wants to fix the frames. Finally, unzip the strips and secure them to the frame’s rear.
  • Place the frame against the wall as well as keep it in place for five to ten minutes.
  • After a few hours, users will find that it strongly fixed their frame on the wall.

3. Paper template

This strategy is very useful when selecting how to place frames of varied sizes adjacent to each other. Users will need mild tape and butcher/craft paper wide enough even to trace their frameworks on to perform this trick. They can contact any nearby frame services like picture hanging service Melbourne.

  • Set frames lying down on the craft paper after users have laid out their craft paper.
  • Follow the edges of edges
  • While following your edges, likewise try to check on your layouts where your nails should go.
  • Remove the layouts, and tape them to the divider where the user imagines them hanging. Mess with the course of action until you are happy with it.
  • Embed nails were checked, and hang beautiful frames on the walls!

4. Use a Wall Plaque

Using wall plaques to hang pictures is the strongest method to fix framed art on the wall. Simply find a plaque that is the right size and shape for the frame of the picture, then attach it to the wall using screws or nails. For this method, users need to pressurize the wall screws.

5. Use Screws and Bolts

Using screws and bolts is the best way to hang a frame on the wall. First, use a level to make sure that the picture is straight and plumb before drilling the screws into the wall. For leveling, the user can use thread, scale, or any type. Then, use bolts to attach the picture to the screws.


These methods are easy and can be done by anyone. Which approach you use will be determined by your own preferences and the sort of frame picture you want to hang.

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