5 Furniture Tips to Make Your Home Look Bigger

Furniture Tips to Make Home Look Bigger

Learn here how the smart placement of your furniture can make your room look bigger than its actual size.)

Small homes are comfortable, easy to maintain and strengthen family bonds as well.

The only problem is that they are small.

It is challenging to pull together your household items due to a tiny amount of area. The room is too small to fit a bed. How to add a dining area and home office when the living room is tiny?

Most homeowners think that rearranging the things won’t make any difference.

However, that doesn’t mean our spaces have to feel cluttered and cramped.

You can make your home look and feel spacious.

The solution lies in the repositioning and replacing of your furniture.

Since your bed and sofa consume more space, rearranging your furniture can save you a lot of space. Plus, it can emphasize the beauty of your home.

Here’s how you can position your furniture in a way so that your room can look bigger, spacious and inviting.

Remove Over-Sized Furniture:

Is your living room stacked with worn-out furniture or too much furniture?

Getting them removed is the first step to make your room look bigger.

How to tell if you have oversized furniture?

Well, if a piece of furniture brushes up against the boundaries of your living area, either up and down or sideways, it’s too huge.

Oversized furniture occupies most of the space, thereby making your room look congested and confused. Replace them with light-colored furniture and lighter-weight pieces.

Leave a Little Gap Between the Furniture and the Walls:simple home upgrades

Many homeowners push their furniture against the wall to make their space look bigger. That’s just a misconception.

When there’s a lot of space between furniture, a room looks spacious. Therefore, leave a little gap between the sides of your furniture and the walls.

It will create a sense of “roominess”. You can place furniture pieces close to each other to build intimate conversation areas.

The chair shouldn’t be placed more than 8 feet apart. Always consider the traffic flow to the room while placing the pieces. However, a bed is an exception as it is placed between two walls for creating a cozy snoozing den.

Identify Your Focal Point:

Before placing your furniture, make sure to highlight a focal point. In other words, look for the part you want to highlight in your interior decoration. The focal point can be your fireplace, painting or the TV.

The biggest piece of furniture should be placed before others. Now, arrange those smaller pieces around the focal point with the biggest one facing it. This will make your room look organized. However, avoid creating multiple focal points as the room might look “confused”. Keep in mind that we see only one thing as soon as we enter and this is what you should highlight.

Work Over the Symmetry:Family Room Design

The pieces of furniture can be placed symmetrically or asymmetrically based on what kind of look you want to build. Symmetrical arrangements go well with formal areas while asymmetrical arrangements complement informal areas.

To create a symmetrical look, the two tables with a lamp can be placed directly to the right and left of the fireplace along with the two candleholders on the mantle. The sofas should face each other with the two angled symmetrical chairs.

Or you can place identical armchairs to each other and a side table in between for creating an informal arrangement.

Let the Natural Light Come In:

It is no secret that natural light makes the room look bigger and beautiful as well. Make sure your furniture is not blocking the patch of natural light. The chairs and sofas should be placed near walls without windows. It will leave all the windows bare.

Yeah, the furniture can be placed across from windows, but make sure to keep the setting organized. The light will drive dark and gloom out of the room while your furniture arrangement won’t look messy.

So you must have understood how the strategic placement of furniture can make your room look bigger and beautiful. What do you think? Please let me know by commenting below.

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