5 Ways To Use The Platner Stool As An Accent Piece

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The Platner stool is best used in the form of a standalone piece, but it would look incomplete when it is not paired up with any other furniture piece. Therefore, using it in an accent capacity is quite a good idea.  This way, it can retain its standalone capacity while maintaining a wholesome look by being matched up with a number of other unique furniture pieces. If you’re looking for some great inspirations to use the Platner chair in an accent capacity, here are a few examples:

  1. Paired with the study desks


The study room desk featured in this image is an excellent example of how you can use mismatched furniture pieces and make a holistic looking set-up with them. The Platner stool looks positively stunning in all its black and mauve glory when matched up with the transparent study desk and minimalist chair. The whole setting looks really interesting – especially when the black and white floor pattern acts in the capacity of a beautiful backdrop.

  1. As a make-shift book holder


The Platner stool can be used in the capacity of a makeshift book or accessory holder. When it is used in such a capacity it looks especially good when it is paired up with other suitable furniture. It can be a bathroom vanity where the stool is affixed as a makeshift towel holder, or it can be used as shown in this image, where the stool is laden with a book or two and makes up a good accent piece. It matches the trendiness and color scheme of the surrounding furniture really well and helps create a nice contrast.

  1. As an end table

platner-style-stoolThe Platner stool can also be used as an alternative end table – a perfect solution for all those who want their living rooms to be fashionably eclectic. Just take a look at this image; you’ll see how the peach-red upholstery and black wire finish of this stool complement the minimally designed backdrop really well. It contrasts with the sofa upholstery, makes an awesome foreground against the white of the wall, and complements the statement art in the center really well.

  1. Foray into the dining room

knoll-platner-stoolThe Platner stool can be used to accent your dining rooms – but not the way you expect them to. This image portrays a great example of how you can integrate this stool in your dining area as a subtle accent piece. Set to the side, it frames the whole setting with a stylishness that may have made the whole set-up feel empty without it.

  1. By the sideboard/buffet

best-Platner-stoolAccent furniture pieces that are as compact as the Platner stool look pretty great when paired with something that has a wide girth. This is why the trendy sideboard/buffet in this image has been complemented with a Platner stool. The scale creates a charismatic aura within the whole ambiance that is beautifully complemented by the neo-classical accents and terrazzo textured floor in the backdrop.

So, these are some creative ways that you can use the Platner stool as an accent piece in your home interiors. It’s small, sleek, and visually versatile – great for complementing a number of interior design settings.

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