Things to Know Before Square Hole Wood Cutting

Square Hole Wood Cutting

The square hole cutting of wood is a skill that is applied on wood in various ways. However, before doing this job, there are several things to consider because it could be hazardous if you do not handle the matter with care.

Here are a few things to consider before getting started with square hole wood cutting:

Take Care of the Dimensions

Taking accurate measurements is critical when doing this type of work. The dimension of the square hole cut must match with what would fit perfectly into it. If you want to measure the level of accuracy, use a caliper or micrometer. These instruments can measure dimensions within 1/1000th of an inch (0.025mm). In addition, a drill press is required for precision.

Use Drill Press

Using a drill press for this type of wood cutting dramatically improves the results, accuracy, and final product structure. When cutting through different types of wood, you can use a drill press with varying speed settings to have the most efficient operation. The speed of rotation will depend on how large or small the hole being drilled needs to be.

Making the Hole Square Shape

It may appear like a manageable activity, but it is much more complicated than it looks because you have to be very precise in creating a square shape. The hole walls should keep a perfectly straight line and cut at an angle equal to 90 degrees using the drill press. This angle will provide an even result on all sides.

To achieve accuracy in the cut, place a square between your workpiece and the drill bit so that every panel turns out to be the same.

Never Drill Into a Knot in Wood

Knots in wood can often lead to hazardous results, especially if you plan on drilling into one of them. The knots in all types of hardwood contain sap, which is called the resin duct. When you drill into these, the resin can get caught in your bit. Often the resin affects the speed of the drill press and even damages the machine, which is quite costly to repair later.

Take Care of Your Safety

Safety should be the top priority while doing any wood cutting job because it can be dangerous if you ignore the tools and your work area. The use of a guard and dust collection system can help in making your job safe. It will protect you and the drill press from potential hazards like kickback and overheating or burning due to lack of airflow.

Moreover, you should always wear proper eye protection gear when cutting through wood pieces because wood chips and splinters can damage the eyes.

Avoid Cutting Through the Back of the Board

When trying to be as accurate as possible, cutting from behind is not a good idea. It may not seem important, but if you take a closer look, your drill will have difficulty going through layers of veneer and plywood. In addition, cutting through the back of the board will affect the flatness of your final product.

Remember these points if you plan on doing square hole wood cutting anytime soon.

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