Serious Side-Hustles – 5 Legitimate Online Jobs Anyone Can Do To Get Out Of Debt

Online-Jobs-Do-To-Get-DebtAt the moment, many of us are facing limited work options, while others have lost their jobs altogether. This can put immense pressure on your finances, especially if you were already wondering how to get out of debt and relying on your monthly income to make the minimum repayments.

If you could do with the security of earning your income online, there are some serious side hustles that you can start right away. However, you have to know where to look because, sadly, the internet is full of work from home scams.

To help you out, here are five legitimate online jobs anyone can do to get out of debt:

1. Showcase Your Personality With Vlogging

If you are a shy person, you may cringe at the idea of appearing on camera. However, you shouldn’t shut it down as an option for making money online.

Video content is entirely under your control, meaning you don’t have to show your face if you don’t want to. Instead of presenting a video, you could:

  • Do a voice-over on top of footage that you have created or commissioned from a site like Upwork or Fiverr;
  • Make a video with music over the top;
  • Create POV vlogs that don’t show your face.

You don’t have to be the star of your own show in the way most vloggers are. You can make a lot of money this way with sponsorships and affiliate links. Even better, you only need a basic smartphone to get started.

2. Say It With Words By Blogging

If vlogging really isn’t for you, that’s okay. Maybe you could try blogging instead. There are a lot of avenues for earning money as a blogger. These include:

  • Building a following and having companies pay you for features;
  • Affiliate links;
  • Paid appearances based on celebrity status from blogging;
  • Ad revenue.

At the very least, you’ll have a fun hobby to keep you occupied; but at most, it could bring in lots of cash.

3. Write Online

If you really don’t fancy putting your name to your work at all, then you could simply write online for other people. Here are some of the options available to you:

  • Ghostwriting blogs;
  • Writing copy for websites;
  • Writing press releases;
  • Creating marketing copy for products;
  • Technical writing, such as medical writing;
  • Writing e-books and guides;
  • Writing vlog content.

What you write about depends on your experience, what you are qualified in, and what you feel comfortable writing about.

4. Teaching Online

Teaching children online is a good idea if you are qualified as a quarter of parents hire online tutors for their children, and remote tutoring is more popular than ever.

How about approaching clubs and hobby groups offering paid presentations related to your field of expertise? Utilizing modern technology, you can also make a lot of money teaching English online. It’s a pretty great side hustle that’s free from location limitations.

5. Virtual Assistant Work

Virtual assistant work can come in many forms, ranging from handling phone calls to doing research, handling finances, or photo editing. Every client will be different in their needs, but most require that you have a good level of English and are proficient with programs like Word and Excel. It will also help if you’re comfortable speaking to customers politely and professionally.

You can make a lot of money online if you’re willing to learn. Use our tips above to start your thinking process. With a little effort, working online will boost your ability to how to get out of debt.

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