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Countries That Offer Education For Almost Free

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Countries Offer Free EducationFree or almost free education is the dream of every student. It is for this reason that we, as students, sometimes lookout for the tuition-free course of studies in different universities or countries around the world. We get even more excited if these tuition-free schools are present in our favorite countries, as we rejoice over the possibility of a two-in-one package (that is, getting a free or almost free education, and getting such in the state of our dreams). We are aware of, and understand the struggle of students in this area, and it is for this reason that we have set out to find out and list out the top countries in the world that offer students the opportunity to learn for free (or almost free).

If you are one such person, you can rest assured that your dream of living and studying in your dream country can finally be achieved. Below is the list of 10 states that offer excellent quality education to students at almost free tuition.

1. Germany

Germany’s public-owned universities do not charge any tuition fee for studying at all. However, there’s a university administration fee of between €150 to 250 euros or approximately ₹11,500 to 19,000 rupees.

2. Norway

Norway offers you a truly free education regardless of whether you are studying at the graduate level, postgraduate level, or even doctorate level. However, most of the undergraduate courses in Norwegian universities are taught in their local Norwegian language.

3. Sweden

Although Sweden offers it’s graduate and postgraduate courses to non-members of the EEA, EU and Nordic countries at a standard rate, their Doctorate courses are available to everyone for absolutely free.

4. Russia

In Russia, students get access to top courses for a very affordable tuition fee. MBBS in Russia is world-class. Therefore medical students will be most glad to get a world-class education for almost free.

5. Finland

Before 2017, Finland offered tuition-free learning at all levels of education, regardless of country of origin. Now, for non-EU/EEA students, there is a small tuition fee attached to studying English-taught courses at Undergraduate and Postgraduate levels.

6. Czech Republic

It’s a law that education is free for all in the Czech Republic, regardless of nationality. However, like Norway, it is best to understand the local language spoken in the country as courses are taught in this language. For language would instead study in English, there is a tuition-fee of about 70,000 Indian rupees.

7. Ukraine

You get to study tuition-free at most of the universities in Ukraine. Also, like Russia, MBBS in Ukraine is among the best in the world. The cost of study in Ukraine, when compared to other paying universities, is highly minimal.

8. Belgium

While Belgium universities require International students to pay tuition for courses that they have enrolled for, the education is so small that it is almost free.

9. Greece

As ancient as this country is, so also is the quality of education you’ll get as a student in Greek universities. Also, you get low tuition.

10. Spain

Spain offers a tuition-free study to European Union students only. It, however, does not neglect or abandon Non-EU students. Instead, for this category of students, the tuition fee charged is very minimal. And as a plus, the cost of living here is highly palatable.

So, there you have it. Enjoy your free (and almost free) education.

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