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5 Perfect Garage Door Remote Brands for Your Home Security

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Perfect Garage Door Remote
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Are you having trouble with your lost garage door remote? Having an extra garage door remote is like having a spare key to your house. It allows us to easily enter the garage without having to get out of your vehicle and manually open the door. It comes in handy especially during rainy and winter seasons.

However, choosing the right garage door remote can be confusing for you. The first thing you must do is to look for the manufacturer and model information of your garage door opener on the garage ceiling of your motor unit. With this information, you can purchase an exact substitute of your remote by providing the same brand and model number. You must also consider what category of remote you want to buy—the Standard Remote or the Universal Remote. If your garage door opener is an old model, most universal remotes are not recommended because of its incompatibility.

Another thing to consider is what type of garage door remote you want to have. The three major types are keychain garage remote, visor clip remote, and remote transmitters. The keychain garage remotes are precise as they sound. It is like a keychain attached to your car keys. This type of remote is a popular option for those people who always lose or misplace the remote. On the other hand, the visor clip remotes have been one of the most preferred remote types because of its 100-feet range. Unlike keychain remotes, it allows you to push the opening button of the remote as you are approaching home so that you can gain access and won’t have to stop and wait for the door to open. And lastly, the third type of remote is the remote transmitters. This type of remote is very similar to TV remotes. It has at least one button and is the simplest one.

With these things in mind, you can find the most compatible garage door remote for you. For additional information, we have compiled the list of top 5 best garage door remote controls in 2020.

1. Genie G3T-R 3-Button Remote with Intellicode Security Technology

If you have a Genie garage door opener that is not older than 1997, then this is the top pick for you. Most users like this visor clip type of remote because of its simplicity and convenience. With the Intellicode Security Technology, the Genie G3T 3-Button garage door opener remote keeps your house safe by using a visor clip, and rolling code technology that changes the entrance code from billions of combinations. It also has an auto-seek dual frequency which allows the remote to secure signals to lessen interference and enhance the overall activity. It can work on up to three Genie garage door openers manufactured from 1997 to present. You can purchase the Genie G3T 3-Button garage door opener remote, which is distinguished for its easy programming instructions, for only USD 23.98.Garage Door Remote Brands

2. Chamberlain Group KLIK3U-BK Clicker Garage Door Opener

The best feature of this remote is the compatibility with more than 90% of garage door openers in the market, such as the brands of LiftMaster, Craftsman, Genie, and Chamberlain itself. The Chamberlain Clicker Black Universal Remote Control has two buttons that can be optimized to open two different brands of garage door openers. It also has an 800-foot range that allows you to gain access to the garage door immediately. Ultimately, it can be easily programmed wirelessly to your garage door opener for the price of USD 30.47.

3. Liftmaster 890MAX Mini Key Chain Garage Door Opener

This is a keychain garage remote that can fit along with your keys. The three buttons can access three LiftMaster garage openers, manufactured starting 1993 up to present, on the remote-control operation. It is also compatible with Craftsman AssureLinkTM garage door openers. Like Genie G3T 3-Button garage door opener, it comes with a rolling code technology for added security. This remote costs USD 26.50.

4. Liftmaster-374UT Universal Remote

This rounded and aesthetic remote control has two programmable buttons located at its top. There is a keychain accessory on the bottom part of the remote which can fit your active lifestyle. One of its convenient features is wireless programming that only takes a few minutes. LiftMaster 374UT is compatible with most modern brands of garage door openers such as LiftMaster, Craftsman, and Genie.

5. Overhead Door Garage Door Opener Visor Remote

The distinguishing three-button feature of this remote control makes it stylish and easily accessible. Overhead Door Garage Door Opener Visor Remote includes CodeDodger as part of its security features that has a rolling code technology for further protection. It also has a visor clip that can easily and securely put onto the car’s sun visor. Buying this classy remote would cost you USD 25.83.

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