4 Tips To Help Declutter Your Home This Spring


After the winter season has ended, it’s time to get busy and start spring cleaning! While spring cleaning may not be everyone’s favorite chore, it can help make your room a lot cozier.

During this process, except that you’d be throwing away a ton of trash. You might even have to get rid of a few broken furniture pieces and appliances that have been sitting in your home for the longest time.

Before you get started with your decluttering this spring, here are 4 tips to keep in mind:

1. Start with One Room at a Time

You should start cleaning one room at a time. This will help you manage your cleaning process and avoid overwhelming yourself with the clutter you have to get rid of.  Once you’ve seen one room look fresh and neat, you’ll be encouraged to do the same for every room in your home.

You can start cleaning the areas that need the most cleanup and gradually move to different rooms that might not take as long to clean. It’s an amazing feeling to see one cluttered room turn sparkly clean.

2. Start from Top to Bottom

After deciding which room you’ll start cleaning, the next thing that you should do is to start from top to bottom.

You may want to use a vacuum with an extension hose to allow you to thoroughly clean every corner of your ceiling. After, you can begin to take off the items on one side of the room and place them on the opposite side. Start to clean the wall and cabinets after you’ve completely emptied the area.

Clean the entire area meticulously before you start to bring back the things you’ve removed. Do this to every corner of your room until every single nook and cranny is clean. Make sure to sweep and vacuum the dust from the ceiling and walls of your floor.

3. Sort Your Items Systematically

When it comes to organizing your items, you can start by sorting into three different categories: To keep, to donate, and to throw. This process would help reduce the junk you store inside your home.

When you’re deciding whether to keep certain things, ensure that you’re currently using them for the past two years. If you don’t, but you plan to, place them in areas where you can see them immediately so you’ll remember to use them.

Before you start adding things to your donation box, check whether the items are still in good condition and not just something you wish to throw away. You can add your old clothes, socks, shoes, bags, toys, and blankets. If you’re feeling generous, you can add daily necessities such as toilet paper, dental kit, showering kit, and canned goods.

4. Begin Organizing

Once you’ve sorted your stuff, you should begin organizing and decide where to place them. Ideally, you can have box organizers that help sort similar items together. There are plenty of beautifully-designed organizers that’ll undoubtedly blend well with your home’s interiors.

Preferably, you should put together items that you use for the same purpose. You can have a box for your baking needs, paper supplies, or garage tools. This is a great way to help you find things faster as everything’s well-organized. Be ready to engage the services of a professional rubbish removal service.

If you’d like to avoid purchasing more organizers, you can choose to have a built-in storage compartment in your house for proper organizing. You can hire a contractor to get this done for you. This should help maximize your storage space in your home. 


Decluttering during springtime can be tiring. Imagine having to sort through every corner of your room to clean up things you don’t need. But once you get the job done, you’ll surely appreciate how fresh and neat your home would look.

When decluttering your home, ensure that you organize everything well and try not to hoard things as much as possible. The main goal is to throw away stuff that you don’t need and only keep the things that are still useful.

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