5 Reasons Your Pranks Are Not Working

Reasons Pranks Not WorkingAre you tired of being always busted when you are pranking your friends or loved ones? Or are your pranks ruining your friendships? April Fool’s Day is coming, and we don’t want you to feel left out. You are doing your pranks wrong, and we want YOU to improve your pranking arsenal! This list will tell you what you are doing wrong and why your pranks are not working.

1. You Are Doing it to the Wrong Person

Most people do not see pranks’ fun, but some do! In choosing your next victim for your prank and its intensity, you must be cautious with your actions. You should consider your closeness with the person and think about how they react when you prank them. You should have a good bond with the person you plan to prank. Pull off safer and simpler pranks first to test the waters. The thought of it running at the back of your mind will decrease the chances of grim events that could happen when pranking your friends or family. You should not compromise their safety just for the sake of having a laugh; they should also be having fun. You will eventually hone your skills in surprising them with a prank. Unexpected pranks are better to do to keep your friends on their feet. But when something terrible happens, it could quickly turn off the vibes, or worse – even ruin your relationship with them.

2. You Are Doing Too Much.

Nowadays, pranks are getting outdated and repetitive. Most people would elaborate pranks every time, and their friends are getting tired of it. There are thousands of pranks online, and people know it will happen to them because it’s always been obvious. After all, they’ve seen it too many times. We suggest you take a break from it for a while, and when the time comes – BOOM, you will have your best prank. It didn’t have to be so repetitive, though! Like prank calls, for example. Prank calls are one of the most timeless ways to fool someone, and believe it or not, it is still as hilarious as hell. How? There are tons of prank call applications online that you could efficiently run on your devices. One of our favorites is Ownage Pranks’ fake caller app that will help gear you up for your next EPIC prank! There are tons of stories or pre-made scripts and personas that you could consider when pranking your friends. This safe and easy prank will surely leave them confused about what is happening because they will never expect it to happen. There are other pranks out there that you could do to surprise your friends, but you should not overdo it because it will reduce the fun and leave both parties feeling bummed about what happened.

3. Your Timing is Not Right

Having great timing is one key to a successful prank. When your supposed victims are caught off guard and oblivious about the event that will occur, it is more fun and effective. A great prank with great timing will definitely leave a mark on their life because they never expected it to happen. Without question, you and your friend will share a laugh when they find out that they have been pranked. It is all about the right timing. It will make your pranks more exciting. When the timing is off, it might cause your friends’ adverse reactions, and we do not want that. You do not need to apologize for being a prankster again when you successfully pull this off. If your only problem when pranking anyone is your timing, you do not have to worry. All you need to do is learn from your mistakes and grow from them. Next time, you will get it just right, and your pranks will definitely give them a chuckle.

4. They are not executed well

Practice makes perfect. All of our past mistakes have a lesson in them to learn from. In pranking, not everything will just fall into place. Not everything will go according to your plan. You must adapt to the situation and continue honing your pranking skills. Executing the PERFECT prank is hard. You must remain calm and collected when it is about to happen. Do not let the excitement and nervousness get into you. You are the captain of the ship, and it will be only up to you if the prank will sail through. It is your mission to get them PRANKED! Setting up a clear objective and plan will help you guide in the execution of your prank. Unless you are Adam Sandler and can pull off any comedic situation, you should remember that practice makes perfect!

5. You did not properly set up your Intention

Your main goal is to have fun and laugh with your friends, NOT at them. They do not need to feel mocked by your prank. Your friends and families still have feelings, and you have to keep that in mind. Your intention is essential when pranking your friends. Suppose it is mean-spirited or just to humiliate them. In that case, you might need to double-think your senses and stop what you are planning because it will surely not end well for both parties. It is all about sharing a memorable time with them, having a laugh, breaking the stillness of the moment. Your pranking skills will surely improve if you have a good-natured intention in mind.

And those are the 5 reasons why your pranks are not working. If you are looking for more ways to spend eventful time with your loved ones, you should check our article on Party Planning Tips for newbies. Good luck, and remember that the most important thing is for you to have fun!

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