5 Skydivers Who Made The History With High Attitude Skydiving

High Attitude Skydiving

Imagine jumping from 135889 feet, trembling, right? 

The feet mentioned above are the benchmark that one of the high-altitude skydivers made.

The history of skydiving says that it is a free fall jump. Leslie Irvin is the first person who gave the huge skydiving record back in 1919. This sport became mainstream once the military started developing parachute technology. 

Before jumping into the list of historical settlers in skydiving, let’s get brief and save facts on parachuting. 

  1. You will need oxygen if you cross 14000 feet or above. Do not risk yourself on this.
  2. Only an Adult can skydive.
  3. You can always choose between Accelerated Freefall and Tandem Freefall. We highly recommend you to choose Tandem Freefall as it is the safest.

The Top 5 Inspirational and Record-Setting Skydivers

Skydiving is a sport that is full of thrill and life. 5 skydivers set some serious skydiving records. Some of them did perform the famous skydiving Victoria. This refers to parachuting from the great Victoria location. The achievements and experiences shared were breathtaking and worth remembering.

Without any further ado, let’s see who they are and what their achievements were that everyone admires.

Luke Aikins

Luke is the first person who intentionally dives from mid-tropospheric altitude. He lands safely without a parachute or a wingsuit. Also, he is the second diver to intentionally jump and land safely on the land without using a parachute. The altitude was 25000 feet. He created this record on July 30, 2016.

Jeb Corliss

He is a great American professional skydiver and BASE jumper. He went off from the buildings like Paris Eiffel Tower, Seattle’s Space Needle, and Petronas Twin Towers. In the year 1999, he BASE jumped into the Howick Falls. The parachute opening was iconic in 1999. In 20 years, he did more than 2000 jumps.  

Shital Mahajan

The first woman in history to perform a free fall jump over the South Pole. She reached this milestone on 15TH December 2006. She did successful jumps over the North and South Poles. She holds six world records and 18 national records in this sport. She performed her first parachute jump without training at minus 37 degrees Celsius. The distance was 2400 feet. She is the first Indian woman to fly with a Wing Suit.

Felix Baumgartner

He is the first human being who did skydiving from the stratosphere. The outstanding event took place on October 14, 2012. He did freefall from the highest altitude of 128000 feet.

 Jay Stokes

An iconic man who celebrated his 50th birthday by jumping from an airplane 640 times. The motive for Jay was to break his record of 534 jumps in 24 hours. He is a Guinness World Record holder.

Wrapping Up!

Skydiving is the sport that gives you a perfect adrenaline pump. If done with good guidance and from the perfect spot like the places in Victoria, then it is worth it. With the achievers’ list mentioned above, it is evident that reaching such a peak is possible, but in patterns.

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