material artificial teeth and denture

What Material Is Used to Make Artificial Teeth and Denture

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material artificial teeth and denture

Artificial teeth and dentures are removable teeth to fill up the gaps in your jaws. They are made up of acrylic, metal, or nylon. They are easy to fit in the gums and easily replace the missing teeth. They also remove the potential problems that are caused by the gaps. Some of the problems associated with the gaps are: 

  • Problem with eating and speech. 
  • Problem while brushing the teeth. 
  • Constant weirdness of the missing teeth while being in the crowd. 

Different materials are used to make artificial teeth and dentures. We will list some of them in this article below for your clear understanding. 

5 Types of material for making dentures

Acrylic Resin

This is the high on-demand material used to make dentures. National Institute of Health recommends this material for making dentures. They allowed this material because of its flexibility and easier adjustment processes. Also, the material is very comfortable when worn. This material doesn’t fade away or tear down faster. This is the best for the type of person who is not careful with their tooth or gums. They are light in weight and are cost-effective. 


This is the material that is a blend of two metals, namely cobalt and chromium. Through this, both the base and the teeth are made. Nevertheless, the visible portion is enamel colored. The gum part, however, is given the pink-colored metal. They fix the gums without any issues and are supported well by the neighboring teeth. Also, this material is slim and sturdy. They are efficient and tend to serve for a longer period of time in alignment with the remaining teeth. 


This material is strong and durable. They are among the group of popular denture materials. Porcelain material allows the dentures to give a natural-looking appearance. This material quenches the requirement of this generation as people need a solution that supports their well-being and is very practical. The material is resistant to wear and tear. They support normal jaw movements. 

3d printed dentures

These kinds of dentures are easy and quick to make. Previously, dentures used to take several sessions to mold, fit and design perfectly. If they get broken, it will take a longer time to fix them. With 3D Printed Dentures, the fitting sessions are short and smooth, and one can easily get comfortable with these dentures in a few days.

Flexible Materials

By flexible, we mean joining multiple materials for the best outcome. The material here includes polyester, nylon, and polypropylene. They are the most advanced among all the materials mentioned above. This material does not require any additional metal hooks to keep the denture in place. They have high malleability and are less prone to breakage. 


Dentures are important for those who have gaps in between their teeth. They are among the best idea to go for. But choosing any dentures will not help. You must choose the material wisely and after reading the complete requirements. The material quality has to align with your requirement and should not provide any allergies to your mouth or jaws.

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