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5 Things You Should not Skip in Bathroom Renovation

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Skip Bathroom Renovation

Is your bathroom looking a bit worse for wear? It happens to even the most nitpicking among homeowners: with heavy everyday use, your private hygiene spot can grow shabby and worn, and a complete or partial makeover will be the only thing you can do to restore the lost sheen and sparkle. Still, most people often neglect the fine details when renovating their homes (loos included), and it often costs their property a few bonus aesthetic points. Don’t underestimate the beauty in the little things when redoing your bathroom: if you’re to launch a makeover in your shower room any time soon, you may as well check these five tips and ensure premium function to go with superior loo looks.

1. Smarten Up Storage

Bathroom storage is often overlooked in renovation projects, and although you don’t normally need wall-to-wall cabinets in the shower room, a failure to install adequately-sized cabinets and shelves can compromise the functionality and aesthetic value of your loo. To maximize the use of available space, go smart with the storage units, and consider installing cabinets in vacant nooks or use vertical, asymmetric, or tank-embracing shelves if your bathroom isn’t as generous in terms of wise as you’d like it to be.

2. Tiles That Fit the Bill

The choice of tiles can make or break superior bathroom looks, so pick the tiling carefully if you want your lavatory to stay chic in the years to come. While classic whites are a standard tile option that will never go out of style, a pop of color or a few accent touches will help add an extra dose of character to your hygiene haven.

You can also turn to the hot bathroom trends starring geometric shapes, Moroccan tiles, and 3D tiling and pick a style that fits your target shower room design best.

3. Bathtub or Shower?

Bathtubs do look classy, but they aren’t always a must. Unless you really love dipping in bubble baths every day, a simple shower may be a better idea. Installing a shower instead of a bathtub will allow you to save both space and cash down the road, as shower repairs are generally easier and cheaper than tub replacements.

When planning your new bathroom, choose the tub to throw into your suave shower room, and make sure it fits your space: a king-size bathtub will completely shatter loo aesthetics, and it will also cost you more than a smaller counterpart crafted from more durable material.

4. Racks, Hooks, Grab Bars

Racks, grab bars, and towel hooks will probably be the last thing on your mind once you launch a bathroom renovation, but they’ll still need to be taken care of. A shower room without racks or towel hooks will look sterile and it won’t be functional either, so make sure you set aside a part of the funds for the purpose and pick pieces that coordinate with the rest of the bathroom look in color, size, and shape.

A LED-lit towel rack will enrich your bathroom with an extra dose of practicality and style, so aim for multifunction in bathroom details to get the biggest aesthetic bang for your renovation buck.

5. A Multimedia Twist

If you like to sing in the shower or listen to your favorite tunes during tub soaking sessions, don’t forget to fit your bathroom with a few extra power outlets. For maximum safety, sockets should be installed away from taps and shower area: that way, your audio system will be always ready for a shower sing-along.

On that note, you can also opt for mirrors, vanities, showerheads, or a built-in speaker to add a versatile vibe to your loo. If you’re into movies and TV shows, you can even install an LCD screen in the bathroom (just make sure all the cables and connections are out of the water’s reach).

Bathroom renovations are touch-and-go affairs, and they require tons of patience, funds, and planning. And while the major elements should be the first point on your To-Do list, the minor aspects of the makeover shouldn’t be overlooked either – after all, beauty is in the small things, both in your bathroom and life in general.

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