Home Installation of Bike Racks

Installation Bike Racks

During the lockdowns, people wanted different ways to get out and about without having to step into crowded, potentially germ-infested public transport. Bikes became the popular mode of vehicle for getting you out of the house, helping you get a bit of exercise, and getting you from A to B with ease. However, bike storage can be tricky if you don’t have lots of space or an empty garage. If you don’t have heaps of room to store your new shiny bicycles, don’t fret. You can easily install bike racks as an ingenious way to keep them safely tucked away. If you want to install some bike racks at home, keep reading and see just how simple it can be.

Measure Up

The first thing you need to do when fitting your bike rack is to measure the space you’re planning to install it and compare it to the size of your bike. You don’t want to finish the job and realise that your bike doesn’t fit it perfectly. Not only could this damage the wall, but it could damage your bike in the long run.

Where’s Best?

It’s important to consider where about you want your bike rack to be. If you don’t have a room indoors, you could fit it outside. Or if you live in a flat with no garden, you could fit it on the wall of your bedroom. Wherever you decide to install your bike rack, make sure it’s easy for you to access and won’t hinder the space in any way. You want to be able to grab your bike off the rack when you need it and be able to walk past it without having to squeeze through a small gap.

The Right Tools For The Job

You’ll need to prepare the correct tools for the job too. Some bike racks will come with the kit that you need like screws and fixtures, but you might still need a drill or hammer. Before beginning the job, take some time to gather all the tools that you’ll need to do the job efficiently and easily. You don’t want to get halfway through only to figure out you now need a drill. Having the correct tools will also allow you to fit the bike rack securely and keep you and your bike safe.

Fit The Rack

When it’s time to install the bike racks, it can be a good idea to enlist the help of a friend just in case you need them to hold things steady. If you’re installing multiple racks, make sure you leave enough space between them so that all the bikes can fit securely without scraping each other when you lift them in and out. Normally the bike racks will come with instructions so it’s important that you follow them precisely so you can be certain they’ll be able to withstand the weight of your bikes.

Fitting a bike rack isn’t a quick job and it needs to be done properly. Poorly fitted racks can cause damage to your bikes and could potentially hurt you. Make sure you do your research when installing so that you can create the ideal, secure storage space for your bicycles.

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