Is Air the Best Way of Sending Goods?

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Air-Best-Way-Sending-GoodsPrivate jets not only transport an increasing number of individuals and groups they also offer another solution to sending goods by air. This is as opposed to using the main airlines or other methods of transportation such as goods trains or cargo ships.

Private Cargo Jets

We shall start with private jets because these are by far the fastest way of transporting goods from one place to another or one continent to another. They can be considered reliable, expedient, and secure, in their transportation of goods. Although, bear in mind that the air traffic regulations also apply to cargo sent through private airlines. They offer more flexibility and cost-effectiveness with regards to the transportation of goods, should you decide to charter a plane for this purpose.

The percentage of cargo transported by air is generally thought to be something in the region of 35 percent of international trade. That is a phenomenal $6.89 trillion worth of goods being transported each year. This will, of course, be divided between the commercial and private airlines.

The types of goods predominantly transported via air include general and special air cargo. Special cargo is defined as that which is over-dimensional and heavy. In addition, goods that are dangerous or hazardous. Goods that need, for instance, to have special care taken of them because they need to be temperate controlled. Medicines, for instance, need to be stored at a temperature below zero, to prove effective for vaccination. Medicines that need to arrive in a timely way.

There is an interesting article that talks about the kinds of aircraft that transport freight that you might like to read. It talks about their history and how these planes carry cargo.

Goods Trains

Trains have the advantage of being able to avoid the traffic on the roads and cut across the countryside. The disadvantage of goods transportation by train is that it is only as good as the railway network, and there are hold-ups in any railway system. As passengers, many of us will know what that feels like. In terms of any train, whether containing goods or people, Railway Stations will need to be passed through. There will, like on a road, be speed restrictions on certain lines resulting in speed needing to be reduced by its trains. This can exacerbate in bad weather, slowing down rail freight considerably. For example, in such conditions as snow or ice, and where leaves on the track need to be cleared.

Cargo Ships

The main advantage of transporting goods by sea is that it is cheaper. The disadvantage is that it takes longer. With some goods, however, it can be good to transport them more slowly to prevent damage to them. However, most goods are required to be delivered as quickly as possible, because until they have been delivered and an order has been fulfilled, payment may not have been received. It depends on the kinds of contracts a business has set up for international trade.

Ships are particularly useful for bulkier goods, although aircraft are being increasingly designed to cope with all sorts of loads, as mentioned above. In comparison to rail or road, the maintenance costs of water transport are considerably lower. Companies such as Jettly are a service that will charter jets for such a purpose.

Considering all the options, in the main, it is the balance between cost and delivery times that may ultimately decide on the best transportation method for goods. Second, to that, it will be how carefully it is possible to take care of the goods with a certain transportation method. Chartering a private plane may well be the answer for a fast and efficient personal service that caters to both the international and local transportation of goods. Particularly, as private jets can fly higher than commercial planes, they are able to avoid bad weather and most of the air traffic.

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