5 Web Design Trends for the E-Commerce Websites

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With the digital influence everywhere, from our everyday life to our personal preference, e-commerce or online business is gaining ground rapidly. New websites are coming up every day with amazing features and a lot of things to attract users. Quite obviously, web designers are also facing a hard time coping with the changing trends. However, we have got some handpicked tips to help you work with the ruling trends of the eCommerce website.

1. Material Design

In recent times, e-commerce websites seem to be adopting material design on a large scale. It’s a vibrant, content-focused design style, which instantly attracts users’ eyes. Since its release in 2014, the design has been a big hit. According to the experts, it’s going to make significant waves in the future. The unified, tangible, and playful experience across multiple devices and platforms makes it quite engaging.

2. Hidden Menus

Hidden menus create an instant connection with the users. They not only clean up the clutter of an e-commerce page but also offers quite a neat look to the website. Though these were aimed at mobile phones, their exceptional convenience factor finally finds a place in the desktop design as well.

3. Responsive design is the key

Responsive website design is the most happening thing of 2021, but it’s important that the designs are to be equally achieved for the large screen devices. At the same time, it has to be achieved for the optimization of the mobile and tablet views. It also helps in browsing and shopping, on high-resolution devices like TVs.

4. Enriched animations

Animations, being a wonderful way to connect to the users, many e-commerce portals use it in the sites. These animated designs not only make online shopping experiences more enjoyable but also make them incredibly communicative. Using it rightly can help you attract users and at the same time, you can easily enhance your user’s shopping experience.

5. Storytelling through designs

The highly competitive e-commerce landscape demands something unique in order to make its mark on the users. Moreover, the rapidly changing trends and users’ demands are also posing new challenges every day. Telling an interesting story through the brands will set you apart from the crowd and that too in a compelling way. Moreover, a story will help you establish an emotional connection between your brand and customers which will positively impact your sales. 

A well-designed e-commerce website or landing page can bring more visitors and conversions to your business. Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Target, Etsy are good examples. Visitors and sellers can easily buy and sell the products on these sites. You can also run product-based ads on these sites and you can also use PPC management tools for amazon advertisement.

Apart from these what’s mentioned here, there are a lot of things to take care of while designing a website. Taking note of it will help you design a site that speaks highly of its brand.

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