Overhead Crane Hoists

6 Things To Consider When Buying Overhead Crane Hoists

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Overhead Crane Hoists

Overhead cranes find their usages in a wide array of segments. Using hoists is the standard way to lift the weight and carry it to its destination. At the time of selection of the overhead crane hoists, there are some very important points that need to be considered. Let us take you through the most important decision-making factors.

Determine the usage of the crane
This is highly important since it will allow you to understand what the hoists are going to be subjected to. There are various chemicals that have different effects on the metals of the hoists. There is also the weight factor that needs to be taken into consideration. The maximum weight which might have to be carried using the hoists determines the quality that is required. The altitude of operation, temperature, and pressure are important factors that define safety while selecting the right grade hoist.

Hoisting height

This one will be predetermined if the crane is to be used within an indoor facility. If the setup is outside, there is a need to know the height requirement as well. The overhead crane is built according to the maximum and minimum height. The hoist selection is also done accordingly.

Crane capacity

Every cranes geelong is built to be able to lift between a minimum and maximum weight. Calculate the weight accordingly and get the right hoists for doing the job. It is also better to keep come slack. If, suppose, you are going to use a crane to lift on an average 10 tons of material it is better to have it made to the capacity f carrying 15 tons. This will grant the hoist enough slack to ensure that there is no mishap in the future or breakdown of the crane.

Speed of the crane

This is one of the most ignored factors while considering the right hoist for the overhead crane. It is important to note that different parts of the crane might have different speeds. The hoist should be bought accordingly so as to ensure that it serves the purpose in the best manner.

Safety and security

This should be the primary concern of the crane manufacturer and the person buying the crane. The hoist should meet the quality specifications as per industry standards. Any discrepancy might lead to major accidents. Using the right hoist is important to ensure the safety of all the personnel working on the premises.


You must get a hoist from a manufacturer that issues a certificate of guarantee about the quality of the hoist. You must know what your warranty does not cover. The higher the warranty coverage the better it is.

Next time you are ordering crane hoists, keep these few points in mind.

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