How To Choose the Right Moving Vehicle for Office Furniture?

Choose Right Moving Vehicle

If you are planning the DIY move, the most confusing question on your mind would be: which vehicle should you book?

With experienced moving companies, you can also expect them to take care of the complete moving process. Including figuring out what kind of vehicle will be suitable. For relocating your official furniture. So, if you have decided not to go with expert professionals, you are actually on your own. You will also get required to create this vital decision to assure that moving day goes.

We understand how this simple search on Google.  Selecting the right vehicle for moving can confuse you a lot. The actual reason for this is the generic answers.  Such as ‘medium-sized trucks are the best one to move one to two bedrooms’ or more advanced options.

  • 1000 to 1500 cubic feet of space would get needed to move the 3 BHK
  • Large 2 BHK.’, and, the vehicle will depend on much furniture you want to move.

Also, this can be hard for you to decide exactly how much volume is taken up.  By your appliances, furniture, boxes & other various things. Of course, this would be very much difficult for the newbie to think of all these placed elements in your home compared to inside the vehicle.

You don’t need to panic anymore. We will walk you through the entire method of estimating the proper moving vehicle size for your whole relocation process.

Read on to get the whole information starting from why this is essential. To rent the proper size of moving vehicle, what size of vehicles are available in this market? Finally, the step-by-step process to pick the suitable size vehicle.

Why does this vehicle size matter? 

The last thing you could expect to experience on a moving day is to face issues when transporting your all elements. Selecting the wrong vehicle size is the reason for the inconvenience and can have specific problems related to unloading and loading all goods.

Canter trucks, LCV, Long Platform Trucks (LPT), and DCM are mid-size trucks for home moving and these trucks have a length of 14 feet to 19 feet.

Moving with children can be exciting, but also create a hassle and stress for you and your family. Unload the entire vehicle, & rent the bigger one, or get rid of some of your precious belongings that do not fit. Either way, you will end up spending the greatest time, energy, and money to complete your moving process in one go.

Or, if you select the large vehicle, you will also have enough space to arrange & transport your belongings. But there are high chance that some of these trucks are also empty, and you will also end up paying a high price for the vast unused space. Moreover, the actual risk of injuring your appliances. Furniture or other belongings will get enhanced by the greatest fold. Since they can also slide off or get thrown around in the actual back of the vehicle. When choosing the right moving vehicle for the office furniture.


So, this is the actual evidence that selecting the proper size moving truck is essential to having a successful and safe moving day.

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