Unique Lighting Fixtures

6 Unique Lighting Fixtures for Different Areas of the House

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Unique Lighting Fixtures

Lighting is extremely important for interior design in a home. It, of course, lets us see, but it also sets the whole mood and feel of a space. Moreover, in a city like Lexington, where the average cost of a home is over $200k, owners recognize the impact of perfect lighting in elevating their home’s ambiance, directly impacting the sale price. The right lighting can make a room warm and welcoming or modern and sleek. However, with so many choices for fixtures these days, picking the perfect ones for each room can be difficult.

The lighting in a home should be layered, with a mix of ambient, task, and accent lighting. Ambient lighting provides all-around brightening, while task lighting aids with particular activities like reading. Accent lighting draws attention to particular design elements. The goal is to strike the right balance between practical and aesthetic lighting. Factors like room size, ceiling height, window placement, and color scheme all impact lighting considerations.

Read on as we delve into the different kinds of lighting you should consider for each room.

1. Kitchen Lighting

With so much meal prep, cooking, and cleaning happening, the kitchen needs lighting that is both stylish and highly functional.

Pendant lights are a popular choice over kitchen islands and dining tables. Go for drum-shaped or globe pendants for an industrial vibe or sculptural pendants made from natural materials like woven rattan for a touch of boho.

Undercabinet lighting illuminates countertops, which is ideal for food prep and tasks. For a clean, integrated look, go with LED strip lighting. Choose strips with a high color rendering index for accurate food prep. Dimming capabilities allow you to adjust the brightness.

2. Bedroom Lighting

Your bedroom should feel tranquil and conducive to rest. Layer ambient, task, and accent lighting sources for a well-lit space.

Flush or semi-flush ceiling fixtures provide soft, even overhead lighting. Opt for dimmable fixtures to control the light levels.

Pendant lights add stylish focal points, ideal over a sitting area or mounted on both sides of the bed. Go for fabric cord pendants for a lighter look or pendant pairs at varying heights for visual interest.

Add portable lamps to finish the look. Portable table lamps allow you to customize lighting on nightstands. Choose adjustable lamps to direct light precisely. Wall sconces flanking the bed is also a chic option for reading light. For a creative accent, try string lights mounted on the wall or canopy over the bed.

3. Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting should be functional but also flattering. After all, the bathroom is a place to groom and prepare for the day ahead.

Wall sconces positioned on either side of the mirror amply illuminate the face for grooming. Look for sconces with adjustable arms to direct light right where you need it. Opt for LED sconces that provide bright, shadow-free lighting.

Flush or semi-flush ceiling fixtures provide ambient light. Go for frosted glass fixtures that diffuse the lighting. Add task lighting with portable lamps by the bathtub for a spa-like feel. Freestanding lamps work well in this space.

For a touch of creativity, frame the mirror with globe bulbs or pendant lights. Opt for bulbs or pendants in a finish that complements the faucets and hardware.

4.  Home Office Lighting

A well-designed home office needs lighting tailored to work tasks. Add desk lamps with flexible necks to put illumination precisely where it’s needed. Opt for sleek metallic lamps for a modern look. Go for LED lamps for optimal brightness and energy efficiency.

Architect-style swing arm lamps take up minimal desk space. Look for arms that rotate and adjust to direct light. Mounted swing arm wall lamps free up even more room. Position wall lamps close to eye level for ideal illumination.

For ambient lighting, semi-flush or pendant fixtures work over a desk area. Look for fixtures with up and down lighting for a well-lit workspace.

Add accent lighting with table or floor lamps in seating areas to create an inviting workspace when you need a break from your desk. Choose lamps with adjustable arms for directed lighting.

5. Living Room Lighting

As the main gathering spot for relaxing and entertaining, the living room lighting should be versatile and set the right mood. The best way to enhance the light in the living room is to incorporate natural light. For this, consider the quality and size of the windows. If your windows are outdated and do not allow enough sunlight, it might be time to consider changing them. You can get an accurate quote by consulting experts on the Lexington window replacement cost.

Add floor lamps that will allow you to create intimate seating areas for reading or conversation. Opt for adjustable tripod floor lamps that let you direct the light precisely. Arc floor lamps with adjustable swing arms also provide directed task lighting.

For ambient lighting, consider a statement chandelier or pendant light to anchor the room. Position it over the sitting area or coffee table rather than the center of the room. Opt for a fixture with dimming capabilities to set the desired ambiance.

Wall sconces flanking a sofa provide balanced illumination and decorative flair. Look for sconces that complement your interior design style, from modern geometric to classic candle style.

6.  Hallway Lighting

Hallways and staircases mainly need lighting that aids in navigation and safety.

It is important to be able to see where you are going at all times, so flush mount ceiling fixtures over hallways provide ambient lighting. Opt for LED fixtures with a wide beam spread.

For staircases, line the wall with sconces for well-lit treads and risers. Position sconces at staggered heights for balanced lighting. Undercabinet lighting is ideal for illuminating a console table or bookcase display. Go for LED strips or puck lights for an integrated look.

Add accent lighting with portable table lamps on accent tables or floor lamps tucked in corners. Freestanding lamps work well in transitional spaces.


The right lighting can really make a home special. With so many fixture and bulb options out there, take your time to find pieces that fit your style and needs. You can always update things later as your taste changes. The key is layering – ambient lighting for overall glow, task lighting where you need it, and fun accent lights. Thoughtfully designed lighting makes rooms look beautiful but also helps you feel cozy and comfortable. Play around and have fun finding the perfect lighting mix to make your home uniquely you!

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