Kitchen Island Legs

4 Creative Ideas to Use Kitchen Island Legs

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Kitchen Island Legs

The kitchen is the most experimental part of your house. There are many ideas to explore simultaneously, including cabinets, open shelves, matching drawers, and hardware. There’s also the confusion about adding a dining table or not. You need to check and complement each appliance with the vibe of your kitchen.

The requirement and expectation list are long enough to fill your kitchen space. One of the elements that form a significant part of your kitchen is a cabinet or table called an island. The additional or existing cabinet complements your kitchen and is accompanied by sturdy kitchen island legs, which come in diverse square and round designs.

Legs certainly add a sophisticated and immaculate look to the cabinet. If you have bought these small furniture pieces and are out of ideas, don’t worry, this article has your back. Here are some creative ideas for using kitchen island legs.

1. White/ Beige Kitchen Island Table Legs

Before designing each furniture element, be sure about the material you will opt for, for the cabinet and the arms. You can go for components made from wooden, metal, painted, or granite material. The fundamental rule is to ensure that the whole scenario blends with the kitchen vibe.

If you have a white/ beige cabinet, it’s time to opt for table arms, which offer more support to the table. Since the surface area is more, the overall structure looks definite rather than inversely decreasing in size. You can choose wooden or painted legs if the furniture’s color is white, beige, or cream.

After deciding on the material, it’s better to measure and determine the correct dimensions of your table and the kitchen island legs required to support it. Make sure to measure the counter height, as it would be helpful to determine the dimensions of the arms.

2. Breakfast Bar With Blue Square Legs

If you don’t have a breakfast bar, it’s time to have one. A breakfast bar is nothing but a piece of furniture that usually entails fruits, jams, cereals, and all the delectable breakfast dishes. It’s usually a vertical bar, but you can add quirky chairs. A breakfast bar can have blue square legs, as the whole vibe should be fresh, subtle, and unique. You can also opt for light green island legs.

Pastel colors make a good pair with breakfast bars. It helps you feel fresh and new and keeps the atmosphere quirky. The next time you are ready to have breakfast, hop onto the breakfast bar.

3. Wooden Antique Table With Round Legs

You may have seen those robust, ancient, antique cabinets or tables made of wood or ceramic. They are strong and give a royal heritage feel. If you have one of those cabinets lying around, it’s time to incorporate those into your space. The round arms complement the old luxe look of the table.

Moreover, you can add glass or metal crockery to add a premium factor. Your space should reflect your personality. The table should be the highlight of your kitchen. It shouldn’t just be about cooking but dining too. A fusion and blend of each element bring out the best use of a table.

4. Rustic Stained Island With Massive Highlander Leg

The rustic island goes well with a vast, tall, highlander arm that complements not only the color but design of the table. If you have one of these tables in your house, buy some chairs and add the desired legs to make it a neat and clean cabinet. A stained table gives an old, rustic feel and gives a feeling of stability and longevity. It portrays that you have maintained the house well even after living in the house for a long time.


There are ample ways to style your kitchen island legs. It’s for you to decide the color, height, design, and other relevant features which would complement your table or cabinet. Make sure the cabinet is not just an aesthetic showpiece but comes to application and use daily.

Bring out the beauty of these tables and other furniture by exploring different creative designs. It’s your space, and you know the best.

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