7 Ethical Ways to Get More Friend Requests on Instagram

Get Friend Requests on Instagram

Instagram is one of the most critical channels for establishing a solid online presence for your business. Not all methods of increasing your Instagram following are made equal.

For individuals who utilize spam ways to inflate the number of their followers on the app artificially, the app has taken a significant step toward removing them.

As a result of these developments, your audience-building initiatives must be ethical and practical. If you use the appropriate strategies, you may increase the appeal of your account and the level of interest it generates among your target audience quickly.

Take advantage of Hashtags on social media

Many options to utilize hashtags are available to you, including tagging your images with popular hashtags, the most popular hashtag on Instagram. However, it would help if you also considered using more relevant hashtags for your photo.

Set up a consistent online persona

On Instagram, the most successful companies and influencers tend to have one thing in common: they’re very consistent. This covers things like post frequency and the type of photographs they upload when it comes to content.

Aside from Instagram, Run Contests

You can host Instagram contests anywhere, but Gleam’s platform allows you to capture all of your user information (or even send them to Mailchimp), get visibility across other social networks, and manage your entries in one location. One of the best methods to get new followers and activity on Instagram is a well-executed contest. You may host a contest on Instagram by just posting it to your feed, which has the advantage that it is simple to set up and encourages participation through Instagram.

Publish High-Resolution Photos

Make sure that the photographs you upload on social media are high quality. The manner you present your brand should make you want to buy what you’re promoting.

This does not imply that the photographs must be flawless, but rather that they should allow your users to form an emotional connection with you. Many users must be wondering how to view private Instagram accounts or how to know anyone without sending a follow request. Many of the users may also try a lot of methods to increase their online visibility.

Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts

Your photographs can get syndicated more simply if your Twitter profile is linked to other social media accounts. When you upload an image to Instagram, you may share it directly on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr.

Daily Account Update

Share at least one image, video, or story every day. So your follower can know where are you today and what are you doing.

Regularly engage correctly

One of the easiest ways to persuade people to follow and participate with your brand on social media is by doing the same for theirs. Even though this method is time-consuming, it can pay off in the long run. Of course, following a large number of random people will not benefit you in the long run.

Observe who your competition and industry influencers are following. In the first place, they are more likely to get interested in what you have to say and your offerings. You can encourage people to engage with your material by liking and commenting on their articles. As a result of a Shopify case study, 34 percent of the targeted users followed the engaging brand after receiving a follow, like, and remark.


Developing a devoted Instagram following takes time, as is to get expected. However, if you employ ethical means to grow your following, you will build a more active audience that will interact with and promote your material. It is essential to lay the correct foundations for account growth for long-term success.

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