7 Tips To Find Love For A Disabled Person

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Living with a disability is not an easy task. It affects you both physically and emotionally. No one really understands what their requirements are and make a generalized comparison of all disabled people. Apart from basic necessities they also need love and intimacy. They can be hopelessly romantic craving for a relationship or just interested in no-strings-attached fun.

Dating for a single disabled person is not different than any other type of dating. Apart from a few added hurdles, they are like just any other single. Apart from stigmatization, there are some main hurdles that restrict disabled singles to form genuine connections. The disabled individuals have a small circle of people who are supportive and knows them for a long time. Getting to know someone apart from that circle seems like a daunting task. Along with this low self-esteem also plays its role in creating a mental roadblock to putting yourself in a dating scene.

Disability does not restrict you from having a romantic life that you desire. However, your mindset does. As a disabled individual, you fail to understand that your disability empowers you more than it restricts you. Your attributes can actually help you when it comes to dating. Here are some tips that help you in your quest for love.

1. Disability is not an excuse:

Finding and meeting the right person is a struggle for all. Everyone faces rejection on their journey to find love. Though it may feel so your disability is not necessarily the reason behind your past breakups. Your physical limitations are not your roadblock. Don’t let this get into your mind. Even able-bodied people can have their own issues. So, start working on the areas where you can improve rather than worrying about your disability.

2. Love yourself first:

Disability dating has much to do with the way you feel about yourself. Before expecting your date to like you need to get rid of your burdens, anger, low self-esteem, or any kinds of negative emotions. Start with yourself.

3. Be persistent:

Before anything, you need to believe in yourself that there is someone out there for you. Your strong conviction and efforts will eventually lead you to your special someone. To find that person you need to put in persistent efforts. Going on dates help you gain experience. It could be good or bad. Regardless, you need to keep trying. Every good thing needs time and effort.

4. Utilize your assets:

People see you the way you see yourself. So, the way you perceive your disability will have noteworthy effects on how the world sees you. For instance, living with a disability makes you an empathetic and compassionate person. Disabled people are known to be open and honest from start. This ability helps them create strong and healthy relationships. Everybody is looking for such partners with whom they could develop a deeper connection. So, work on your personality rather than sulking about your limitations.

5. Try online dating:

Online dating is a great platform for finding a match. Thankfully today there are many fun and genuine dating sites for disabled singles. Some major mainstream dating sites are becoming increasingly popular among disabled singles. Online dating provides you an opportunity to know the person before you go on a real date. Moreover, it connects you to a large dating pool that consists of genuinely interested people.

6. Create positive connections:

Honesty and trust are the foundations of any relationship. However, before you share your heart out, see if you are able to form any connection with your date. First dates are all about exchanging positive things about each other. So, be honest about your condition but don’t turn it into a sob story. No one including you wants to stay with a negative person. So, be at your optimistic best on your dates.

7. Safety first:

If you don’t know the person you are going on date, then there are some necessary do’s and don’ts that you must keep in mind. Especially if you are trying online dating, be sure that you don’t reveal everything about yourself on the first date. Don’t do anything that compromises your safety. Choose a public place like a cafe or a busy pub (if you can handle your drinks). Arrange for your own transportation. Finally, keep your friend in the loop and share location details with them.

Bottom line

Setting your boundaries will help you realize what you want in a partner versus what you do not wish to see in your significant other. If you find a person which ticks most boxes, then that’s a green light. So, go ahead and explore the fun world of dating. The most important thing is to learn to embrace your body and love yourself. Because that is the beginning of everything.

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