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7 YouTube Rank Checkers To Track Video Rankings

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YouTube Video Ranking CheckersThere are quite a few tools that claim to be number one youtube video rank tracker (don’t feel overwhelmed). But how good are they, and should you use them?

You are here to know exactly what YouTube rank checkers are and how they help creators improve video rankings. More, you will have my tried and tested list of the best rank checker to use right away.

What does YouTube Video Rank Checker do?

This is not the question of what it does but rather how a tool estimates rankings, and where it gets all information to assess a certain video. Typically, all YouTube Rank Checkers scrapes the data by incorporating a certain key called API.

This key allows requests to go and search for a specific video first. Then, as they find it a video is compared to multiple videos with similar content in the same niche and its rank is determined. Lastly, YouTube video and their rank pop up on the screen for a user to see. I can’t help but remind you that the more videos a certain video are compared to, the longer it takes to bring up results. Thus, most YouTube rank checkers set the limits of around 50 or fewer videos to be able to quickly turn up the results and keep them accurate.

Not every website discloses the number of video requests and how they measure video rankings on YouTube. What’s clear is that you can check video rankings yourself by typing a certain keyword into a YouTube search and scrolling all the way down to finally see your video.

The question is would you when best developers are giving away rank checkers for free?

What Are Important YouTube Ranking Factors?

You have already checked your video rankings on YouTube, and don’t know why you are stuck? Take a look at these main rankings factors on YouTube to know exactly which areas of video content focus on the next time you publish.

  • Total number of views
  • Video watch time
  • High-quality editing and content
  • The average duration of a video
  • Total number of likes, dislikes, and comments
  • Keyword optimization in title, description, tags
  • Overall subscriber growth

Multiple studies published on both Briggsby and Backlinko suggest that video views, likes, and comments are among the key drivers on YouTube. Since YouTube’s primary goal(as any platform) is to keep users watching for as long as they can, higher engagement results in higher rankings and channel authority. Likes, comments, and even dislikes are good indicators of engagement.

Views, in turn, are counted towards watch, it is reasonable to say that more views account for more watch time. With 500 hours of content uploaded to YouTube every minute, it cannot help but rank low-quality underground records lower to keep users watching. Studies also show that longer videos have better video watch time. Keyword optimization means using primary and semantically related keywords (LSI) in the video’s title, description, and YouTube tags. If you are struggling with YouTube optimization and SEO, WizStudio can help you rank higher.

How YouTube Rank Checkers Help SEO?

If you think you head over to YouTube Rank Checker, get video rankings, and magically improve SEO, you can’t be more wrong.

Rank checkers, which are also called rank trackers, exist to measure video rankings while you properly optimize your videos.

All keyword optimization efforts, hours of video editing, and finding the best YouTube video ideas can be measured not by views and subscribers only, but video rankings. YouTube is the second-largest search engine in the world after Google. Trying to boost video rankings often results not just in views but a better paycheck (of course, if you are in the Partners Program).

With rank checkers, you can see how your ranks for a certain keyword in the United States, South Africa, or Ireland. Besides, top-ranked content often shows up in Google search results.

5 Best YouTube Rank Checkers to Track Video Rankings

WizStudio Rank Checker

My favourite YouTube rank checker, trusted by many creators like me who wants something simple yet reliable, and right from the smartphone. WizStudio’s tool needs no installs or downloads, it is a free online mobile responsive tool that gets you results in just a few seconds. It is a good option for creators who get overwhelmed by the amount of data complex tools like VidIQ or Ahrefs provide.

The only thing you do is paste your video link and add a primary keyword into the search bar. Don’t go mad and paste all keywords at once. WizStudio only checks keyword rankings one-by-one. Unlike many others on this list, the rank checker is free and has no paid or freemium version. It is also add-free, which makes it even more appealing.

Quite similar to the rank checker from WizStudio, YTrank is given for free with no “Upgrade” option. It mostly is the same as WizStudio’s YouTube rank checker with its country filter and keyword query. The only difference is that it saves your previous searches.

This could be both pro and con depending on whether you lookup for a certain video or search for some other ones. Anyway, to use the YTrank checker tool you get a video link and paste it into the search bar, then add your keyword. Before you hit “Find Rank”, make sure you have selected the right country. If you really like this tool, consider donating.


If you are not hooked on YouTube, and want to find the right keywords to rank for whether on Google or YouTube, Accuranker is a good tool for premium members. It tracks your SERP (search engine ranking position) and that of your competitors, as Google and Adobe integrations, shows desktop, local, and mobile search results in Google / Bing / Youtube / Yandex / Baidu.

The pricing for this complex software which is more than just a YouTube Rank checker starts at $109 a month per 1000 keywords all the way up to 50 000 keywords a month and a hefty $2,149 fee. It offers a 14-day free trial though, so still can try.


Regirank is a typical YouTube rank checker which also tracks rankings. In a way, it is similar to YouTube Analytics with reports and real-time data. Unlike much other software on this list, RegiRank has not only a free trial but a limited freemium plan.

On a free plan, you can track up to 10 keywords, and check video rankings every 24 hours. Although checking your video rankings shows both Google and YouTube rankings. Anyway, once you get overloaded with the amount of information you get from Regirank you could switch on to one of the other YouTube rank checkers I’ve included on this list.


If you are on YouTube for at least a couple of months, it is impossible that you haven’t heard of TubeBuddy. One of the best tools for YouTube, TubeBuddy has a lot of data regarding not just what your video rank is or what the number of clicks and views are.

TubeBuddy has a browser extension that is easy to install and simple to use. It is YouTuber’s most reliable assistant which reminds you to add YouTube tags or thumbnails, pin a comment, etc. Very easy to follow written instructions. Check out if TubeBuddy or VidIQ,  (another YouTube software on this list) would be best. Prices start from $9/month. A free plan is extremely limited with no member perks, card templates, and additional functionality a paid user enjoys.

In Summery

This is it, our list of the top best YouTube rank checkers is over. If you followed along so far you should know what rank checkers are and why they are useful for new creators. Have you tried any of these rank-checking tools? Feel free to share your best tools for YouTubers down below.

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