8 Must-Have Horse Riding Accessories and Gears

Horse Riding Accessories and Gears

Are you new to horse riding? Horseback is one of the most exciting hobbies. Unfortunately, it can get expensive like any other sport. It is tempting to buy all the clothing and equipment while new to the sport. But don’t worry, here are some essential horse-riding accessories and gears that you must have.

Important Must-Have’s Horse Riding Accessories and Gears You Need To Keep Yourself Safe:


Whether you are a beginner or a pro helmet is a must when horse riding. But, first, you must buy a unique equestrian sports helmet. Horse riding is enjoyable but ensures you protect yourself from the head injury risk. The helmet protects you while you enjoy the sport.

Safety Vest

They are or must-have for protecting yourself from the injury risk. They protect you from your abdomen and chest area while you fall. Even though it is bulky, you must have a high-quality equestrian vest.


There are different riding pants, but you must go for breaches. They can fit snugly and are comfortable. You can communicate with the horse when you wear breeches. You can also wear jeans but ensure that they fit you well.


It is equipment that you sit on while riding the horse. The equipment ensures safety and comfort. It is for both you and your horse. Through the saddle, you can communicate with the horse. The horse can tell whether or not you are comfortable. It depends on the field and movement off the saddle. The thin layer of cloth works like a questioning. It is a protective barrier. You can buy a saddle from saddle boutique limited.

Horse Bridle

Besides this saddle, brittle also plays a crucial role. There are different types of bridals. The classic ones include chickpeas proband and crown pieces. The bridle you buy depends on your plants. It is like you want to show it or go to competitions.

Stirrup Irons And Leathers

The stirrup irons help you in keeping your feet in position. They are hooked to the leather. The leather is a hook to the saddle. These irons make it easy for you to climb. You can easily keep your foot in place. It gives you ultimate comfort while you are riding the horse.


Buying a blanket for a horse is a good idea. It is essential if you are living in a cold region. There are various kinds of blankets available. You can choose as per your needs.

Fly spray

Flies and bugs can irritate the horse. It can also lead to inflammation in some horses. Therefore, you must buy a flight-killing spray to reduce pesky bugs.

These are some of the most essential gears you must have if you are into horse riding. These gears and equipment will make horse riding easy for you. However, you need to consider some factors before buying horse riding equipment. There are different accessories available, so you need to choose the one that aligns with your style.

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