Conditions Podiatry Treats

What is a Podiatry? What Conditions Podiatry Treats?

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Conditions Podiatry Treats

Podiatrists are medical experts. They help with problems that affect your lower legs or feet. They can treat injuries besides complications. The complications include the health issues that happened due to diabetes. People generally address podiatrists as podiatric physicians. However, they are also doctors of podiatric medicine.

Podiatrists are doctors. They are unique because they don’t study at typical medical schools. Instead, these experts have their own professional schools and association. The experts can do surgery-prescribed drugs and also reset the broken bonds. Podiatrists work with specialists.

What conditions does Podiatry treat?

The podiatrist generally treats different conditions. They treat people from any age group.

Fractures and paints

The podiatrists treat this standard foot or ankle injuries. They work in sports medicine while treating the foot problems of the athletes – the expert’s common ways to avoid the damage.

Bunions and hammertoes

These are problems with bones in the feet. A bunion happens when the base joint gets bigger. It might also be knocked off. The condition makes the top bend towards others. Hammertoe is a condition where the top does not bend ideally. Podiatrists can also treat nail disorders. It includes various conditions like infection in the nail. It is due to fungus or ingrown toenails. It happens when the corner of the nail grows in the toe instead of growing straight.


It is a condition where the body doesn’t make the insulin hormone. It is also a condition where the body doesn’t use the hormone correctly. Insulin helps you in digesting sugar. The diabetes condition damages your feet’ nerves. You might also have trouble getting enough blood to the feet. Diabetes can lead to severe complications. You might need to amputate the foot if conditions are extreme. A podiatrist can help in preventing that condition. You need to check the callus on the feet if you have diabetes.


The condition results due to inflammation and wear and tear on the joints. Each foot generally has 33 joints. A podiatrist might recommend you to consume drugs or physical therapy. They might recommend you to wear special shoes or inserts. If other treatments don’t work well, the expert might recommend you go for surgery.

Growing pains

A children’s podiatrist is your best bet if your child’s feet point in or look flat. A podiatrist might also help if your child’s toes don’t line up right. They might recommend you to go for exercise braces or insoles. If the condition is severe, the doctor might recommend surgery.

Heel pain

One of the most common causes of heel pain is calcium build-up. You can get it due to running or ill-fitting shoes. Avoid wearing sports and nonsuppurative shoes. You can treat heel pain with over-the-counter medicines. If the condition is severe, you need surgery and it is important to get in touch with the experts at the right time.

This is all you need to know about a podiatrist and what they do. These doctors are your best bet if you have foot pain.

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