How to Select the Best Horse Riding Equipment

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Horse riding is a fun activity and extremely popular in the USA. Around 30 million people do horse riding each year in the United States. Anyone who has tried the sport agrees that horse riding is just plain fun. It is an activity that can get you out of your comfort zone. However, without the right equipment and sufficient expertise, you could sustain severe injuries.

However, using websites for information and reviews on the best horse riding equipment can help you stay safe and make the correct decision. It’s also vital to note that affordable options exist, and you should prioritize quality, fit and comfort when choosing horse riding gear.

From riding pants for riders to horse boots for horses, the best body protectors and equipment can help make riding a much more enjoyable experience.

Select The Right Apparel And Shoes

The first pieces of equipment you need are apparel and footwear. This is especially important if you are starting riding lessons. Even the calmest, best-trained horses in the world can stumble and fall or lose control sometimes. Without high-quality protective gear, you could get badly hurt.

Start with basic apparel and gear like a helmet and high-grade riding shoes. Note that the fit of horse riding shoes is different from that of regular shoes. So it’s best to try out shoes in person to get your size right, then order them online.

Equestrian footwear is the preferred choice for cross-discipline riding. Jeans, jodhpurs, and breeches are the best options for riding pants. It is also essential to choose form-fitting shorts and jackets that don’t fly loose when you ride.

Ensure the pants are non-slick and the shoes are close-toed with heels. Experts recommend leather boots for horse riding. Heels are vital because they prevent your foot from slipping through the stirrup. You could fall off the horse if this happens.

Invest in Safety Gear

Besides good-quality helmets and body protectors, it’s recommended you invest in a good air vest, tack, saddle and girth, and bridle or headstall. It’s vital to measure your horse’s mouth before buying the harness.

If possible, get your coach or trainer to find a suitable bridle for your horse. Another piece of gear that can make horse riding more comfortable for you is saddle pads. It adds some much-needed cushioning to the saddle and absorbs sweat.

Additionally, it’s best to get a saddle with an adjustable gullet if you don’t own a horse and will have to ride different horses as part of horse riding lessons.

Consider Your Horse’s Training and Sensitivity

Keep this point in mind every step along the way. In addition, you should also consider your riding ability and expertise levels. You could be a pro or a beginner in your horse riding adventure, but it’s best to choose gears from a reputed brand. Use websites like Gallop and Go for information on horse riding gear.

Invest in Grooming Tools

Get a basic horse grooming kit to start with. Dandy brushes, body brushes, and hoof picks are essential tools that all horse riders need. Also, invest in high-quality horse shampoos and soaps.

Final Thoughts

Both the horse and the rider should be well-prepared with appropriate riding gear before starting with the adventure. Horse riding involves a lot of effort and is an excellent fitness activity.

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