8 Reasons Why Electric Bike Are Better Than Petrol Bike

Reasons Electric Bike Better

Since the human started riding a bike, the bikes got improved and energy-efficient every year. When the human started run bicycle with own body energy after that petrol, diesel, steam energy was used to give the power to run. But now electric bikes are invented which are the modern style and run with electric energy.

As our engineers have invented an energy source for run the bikes such as electricity. They also face new challenges and limitations. The electric and petrol bikes have their own advantages and disadvantages but today we will discuss how electric bikes are better than petrol bikes.

10 Reasons Why Electric Bikes Are Better Than Petrol Bikes

As the petrol and diesel price are increasing every day, people are moving to electric bikes because they are;

1. Energy-Efficient

An electric bike consumes lower energy as compared with a petrol bike. However, it also depends on which company electric bike do you use. A normal electric bike reaches 60-80 km on one charge. It is efficient in climbing hills, off-road tour, local market visiting, and cheap transportation. Whereas petrol bike normally run 50-60 km on liter petrol.

2. Eco-Friendly

They produce zero emissions and do not contribute to environmental pollution. As electric bikes run on sustainable energy so reduce carbon footprint. It has long-lasting batteries that you can also charge while traveling using off-peak charging, It makes a healthy environment for healthy humans. Whereas a petrol bike produces smoke population and emissions.

3. Low Maintenance Cost

Electic bikes registration cost, insurance, electric consumption, serving cost is very low as compared with fuel-based bikes. You may need to replace the bike battery after 4 to 5 years. Electic bikes components are also very cheap.

4. Pretty Quiet

Most electric bikes are silent runners or you may hear less sound in the higher quality of the bike. if you convert your petrol bike into an e-bike, using a converter kit, you may hear a motor sound.

5. Cheaper

E-bike is cheaper than other bikes. It comes in many models. Also, no registration is required for electric bikes in some countries so enjoy the paperless rides.

6. Charge at Home

When the meter shows the e-bike battery is low. Even you can recharge it at home. A lithium-ion e-bike battery that is fully charged will take 3 to 6 hours. You don’t need to go to any specific charging station. You can charge it anywhere.

7. Easy to Drive and Handle

Any age group can drive e-bikes easily as they are lightweight and easy to handle. A mid-drive motor system is used to run the bike which is controlled by an accelerator.

8. Stylish Design

E-bikes come in various stylish designs and stunning colors. You can choose according to your comfort and budget.

So these are some benefits of having and riding an electric bike. Electric vehicles are the future of our transportation system. Do you use electric or petrol bike.

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