8 Reasons Why You Should Start Knitting Today?


For some reason, knitting is always associated with the aged group. Be honest. What visual springs to your mind when you think of knitting? You aren’t the only one whose mind conjures up an image of a granny sitting on her chair, immersed in the activity, oblivious to the world. Fortunately, times are changing. More and more people now realize the benefits of knitting. So if you are contemplating to start knitting, there couldn’t have been a better time.

Intrigued? Do you want to know how this seemingly dull activity can be so engrossing? Are you aware of the various health benefits of knitting? Indeed, knitting isn’t merely about passing the time, holding a stack of needles and fiber. There’s so much more to it. Only when you actually start knitting can you realize what you had been missing out on. Want to know all about the advantages of knitting? Read on!

All the more reasons to knit

Of course, once you start knitting, you can’t really stop. But it is usually the initial days that are the most challenging. We can’t deny that knitting is time-consuming and requires a lot of patience. If you are on the fence about whether this is the hobby you should take up, here’s what can help make your mind. We will shed some light on the importance of knitting and every benefit that it brings your way. Once we are done, you wouldn’t be able to resist picking up those needles and start knitting at the earliest!

It’s fun

Make no mistake about this. It is truly captivating to see your fingers move around expertly with the needles and yarn, creating a masterpiece. You get to experiment and play with the various knitting yarns. There’s color and joy everywhere. And you want to know the best part? You don’t need anyone else to have fun.

Once you start knitting, you realize the importance of self-care. You will understand the joy of your company. And you will create something amazing. The activity is undoubtedly fun if your heart is in it.

It makes wonderful gifts

What could be a better gift than something that you made with love and care? Remember how much you loved to wrap yourself in the cardigan stitched by your grandma as a kid? That’s the kind of feeling you can spread among others.

As you start knitting, you would never have to think about what to gift others. You can give them a customized design. Rest assured, the gift would always hold a sentimental value and let the other person know how much you value them. And of course, you will be gifting people something that they can get maximum use out of. What could be better?

It keeps your brain young

Let’s talk a bit about the health benefits of knitting. Do you know that research studies have indicated that knitting plays a pivotal role in maintaining brain health? Yes! Knitting can actually retard dementia. There’s a limit to the data that our brain can process at a time. Once you start knitting, all your concentration is on it, and you forget about everything else. This technique helps your brain to relax. This is the reason that the benefits of knitting for seniors are considered vital.

There’s more. The rhythmic and repetitive movements during the activity are invaluable in normalizing blood pressure. They also decrease the stress hormone and calm your mind. So if you want to ensure that your brain doesn’t start showing signs of slowing down anytime soon, now is the time to start knitting!

Unique design

Let’s talk about some physical benefits of knitting. Who doesn’t love the idea of wearing beautiful clothes? But then, mass-production of most designs truly takes the fun out of the whole thing. Wearing something unique and one-piece seems a distant reality.

But this dream can be within your reach if you start knitting. Yes! This is perhaps one of the most appealing benefits of knitting. You can unleash the fashion designer in you and design the kind of clothes that you like. And that too, without worrying that you will spot your neighbor wearing the same thing. The possibilities with knitting designs are endless!

You will get loads of compliments, and you will truly manage to stand out in the crowd. Still, need more reasons to knit? We don’t think so!

Knitted garments last longer

Naturally, when you make something from scratch, its value increases all the more. Fortunately, knitting garments can last for quite a long time if you take care of them properly.

Haven’t you noticed how you wore the sweater your grandma knitted all through your childhood? That’s the thing about homemade garments. You have control over quality. So they will continue to look fantastic for a long time.

Knitting is the new yoga

Have you heard of the knitting stress relief program? Indeed, therapeutic knitting can do wonders for your mental state. Whenever you feel anxiety crowding your mind or depressive thoughts taking over, start knitting.

Knitting is quite an effective alternative to meditation and yoga. The thing is, when you start knitting, your full concentration is on the task at hand. This is quite similar to the meditative state. Knitters have to use both sides of the brain. The creative activity of the brain leads to a release of dopamine which is a natural antidepressant. As a result, you feel satisfied, fulfilled, and happy as you knit. The importance of knitting to combat anxiety and depression can never be undermined.

Develops our artistic side

All of us need some space to unleash our creative side, some method to tap into our hidden potential. If you are one of them, you have the perfect reason to start knitting now!

Knitting is portable and therefore highly convenient. So you can take them anywhere with you and work on your creative side easily.

Increase our self-esteem

Doesn’t it feel wonderful to create something from scratch? The sense of accomplishment cannot be described in words. If you have created something yourself, you can understand the pride and gratification that comes with it.

Maybe the final product isn’t perfect. But the fact that you tried is all that matters. Once you finish a knitting project, you realize that you are much more capable than you gave yourself credit. And this reflects on your self-esteem.

You will soon realize that there’s nothing you can’t do. And of course, the constant compliments don’t hurt your confidence either. Isn’t it amazing that when someone praises your sweater, you tell them you made it yourself?

Get ready to knit for health and wellness!

These are enough reasons to start knitting at the earliest. After all, why would you want to let go of an opportunity to do something creative and productive?  And that too when it is so good for your mind and health?

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