Start Own Kitchen Garden

How Easy is to Start Your Own Kitchen Garden?

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Start Own Kitchen Garden

As we all know, health is wealth. That’s why it is very important to make a kitchen garden in your home so that you can easily grow healthy and delicious vegetables of your choice in an organic manner, and it also makes our cities greener. There are many of my friends who live in small houses due to which they are not able to make a kitchen garden in their homes. If you are also suffering from the same problem then don’t worry I have great news. Now you don’t need too much space to make a kitchen garden in your home. You can easily make a kitchen garden in a small space and enjoy organic and chemical-free vegetables in your home. Firstly, purchase the vegetable seeds online to make a sweet and beautiful vegetable garden in your home. Now, most of the people have a question in their minds, How to start gardening or how to make a kitchen garden in the home? If you also have the same then don’t worry let us find out the answer to this question.

How do I start a small kitchen garden?

Friends, in order to make a beautiful kitchen garden you need to follow some steps:

1. Check The Availability Of Sunlight:

In my opinion, sunlight is the most important component for the growth of the plants in your home. Most of the beginners do not take this point seriously because of which they do not make kitchen gardens, friends by using sunlight plants make their own food and nutrition. That’s why you should observe the sunlight and find the wall or room in your home where sunlight is available for 8 hours a day. Sometimes we do not have enough space in our kitchen due to which people do not make kitchen gardens in their home because they thought that they can make kitchen gardens only in the kitchen but actually you can make kitchen gardens anywhere. It could be your balcony, your living room, your drawing room, etc. If there is no place in your home where sunlight is available for 8 hours a day then don’t worry you can put your plants on the walls wherethey can receive the required amount of sunlight in a day. If you want to purchase vegetable seeds then you can purchase them online at a great price.

2. Select Planting Pots:

Friends, when you make a kitchen garden in your home, it will become a cynosure of your house that’s why you should choose the pots for your plants wisely. You can easily grow the plants in any container like plastic bottles, old bottles, tetra packs, and if you want to make the gardening area fancy then you can purchase beautiful ceramic wooden pots for your plants. You should choose your pots according to your needs and requirements. Sometimes we do not have space inside our home, if you are also suffering from this issue then you can grow your plants in square wooden boxes and place these boxes on the terrace. They are fancy and do not take too much space of your terrace.

3. Make Fertile Soil For Plants:

Once you have decided the right location and sunny pots for your kitchen garden then now it’s the turn to choose the right type of soil for your plants. If you are not able to choose the right soil for your kitchen garden then don’t worry there are many nurseries that sell fertile soil for plants this soil includes compost and cockpit, and if there is no nursery near your home then you can take the help of your neighborhood who have interest in gardening, he will tell you the right method of gardening and, if he has extra soil in his garden then you can take that soil from him for gardening, but do not overwater your plants otherwise it will ruin the roots of the plants, to make your soil more fertile you can drizzle organic fertilizers on your plants once in a month.

4. Arrange Vegetable Seeds For Gardening:

Till now, in this journey, you have found the perfect location to make a kitchen garden, and choose gardening pots according to your requirements. Now it is the right time to plant the trees. Now, you can purchase vegetable seeds for your vegetable garden online at discounted rates or you can also arrange the seeds from your gardening enthusiasts neighbourhood. If you do not have any gardening enthusiasts near you then you can join gardening Facebook groups where you can easily learn gardening from gardening enthusiasts without spending a single penny, and if you face any problem in gardening, they will help you to solve that problem.

5. Take Care Of Your Plants:

After completing the given steps, look at and study the growth of plants in your garden. After a few days, these seeds will start growing and turn into a tiny plant, and in a short time, they will give you tasty red tomatoes, long green beans, etc. But during this process, you should communicate with your plants daily and enjoy the wonders of nature. If you have a big house then fix the time to interact with your plants. You should check the health of your plants regularly, give water to your plants regularly so they will not suffer from dehydration or if they are suffering from insect attacks then immediately address the problem otherwise it will ruin your kitchen garden.

If you complete all these steps successfully then congratulations you become an owner of a beautiful kitchen garden and now you can grow any type of yummy fruits and healthy vegetables in your kitchen garden.

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