4 Advantages Of Serum Eye Drops for Dry Eyes

Advantages Serum Eye Drops

As you age, your eyes tend to dry due to weakening skin and tear production. It is normal that your eyes dry out from time to time. However, if your eyes dry up continuously, it is treatable with serum eye drops. The serums prevent various disorders, including chronic dry eyes and ocular surface disorders.

While the serums look like generic eye drops, it contains specialized formulation. They draw from a patient’s blood, so they retain the nutrients. In addition, it is an investment to use serum eye drops. Consider these advantages when your eyes need better treatment.

Uses A Unique Formulation

One notable advantage of serum eye drops is that the formulation derives from your blood. It does not contain chemicals used in conventional eye drops. Therefore, the treatment is for your own well-being.

The catch here is that it must be refrigerated before and after use. Since it uses your blood, exposure to heat can weaken its effectiveness. In addition, the formulation is subject to contamination if mixed with other formulas. So you must be mindful as you use the serum eye drops on your eyes.

Non-Allergenic To Your Eyes

The serum eye drops are autologous in nature. Therefore, there would be no allergic reaction when applied to your eyes. It is a relief to those who are sensitive to certain formulations found in available eye drops. There are no risky side effects, and few incidents occur. There are no preservatives since it uses your blood’s natural formulation.

However, if your blood has a low hemoglobin level, the effectiveness of serums eye drops may not be ideal. How your blood works depend on your diet, habits, and lifestyle. You can ask for advice from the doctor about maintaining your blood.

Heals The Eyes’ Ocular Surface

The ocular surface of the eye is the most important layer. It protects the cornea and various parts to provide vision. The surface is healthy when the eyes can produce tears. On the other hand, little to no tear production means the ocular surface is at risk.

Fortunately, serum eye drops can reduce inflammation in the eyes. As a result, the ocular surface will heal with regular use.

Treats Major Disorders

Dry eyes are not the only possible disorders that serum eye drops can treat. Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties can ease Sjögren syndrome, Stevens-Johnson syndrome, and ocular pemphigoid. It is effective in a long-term solution for your eyes.

Along with these treatments, it improves dry eyes so you can produce healthy tears. Once you feel your eyelids, the serum eye drops use their antibacterial formulation. Before you get these eye drops, you must have a comprehensive examination with an expert. They will determine if your eyes need the serums for the short-term or long-term.

Wrapping up

Serum eye drops benefit your eye’s health with their autologous formulation. Not only it has no preservatives, but it also uses the natural chemicals of your blood. As a result, your eyes alleviate back to their healthy state. In addition, tear production will regulate once more so you have no dry eyes. There are little to no side effects, but it is better to know the doctor’s advice. In the end, serum eye drops work on a case-to-case basis.

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