Benefits of Using an Animated Explainer Video for Your Business

Benefits Animated Explainer Video

Animated explainer videos have received a huge craze in contemporary times. Any company aspiring to make a mark in the industry and attain exposure prefers to craft animated explainer videos and market them on social media platforms. If you have not yet included them in your marketing plan, it’s high time to do so. Today, we will explore the importance of animated explainer videos and how you can use them.

The Importance of Animated Explainer Videos

Let’s start the section with some statistics. Though cold statistics are not intriguing, you can get some idea of the market trends and go with the flow.

A Hubspot study reveals that a social media post with videos gets 48% more views. 94% of the video marketers state that a video has helped their users to understand a product or service and 96% of the audience hold the same view (source – Wyzowl).

As we already mentioned, such statistical insights may not trigger you to engage an explainer video company, but we are sure that the following passages will! That’s because we will underline a few handpicked benefits of animated explainer videos. So, keep reading.

Reasons to Create Animated Explainer Videos

Enhanced User Engagement

Start with your example. While scrolling through the social media feed, how often do you get hooked to a video as compared to a text? Watching videos is more engaging than reading a text. And animation brings charm to it. If you are using the right elements, animated videos can be highly appealing and immensely engaging. Remember that people browsing the internet have a short attention span and they won’t spend much time on any content if it doesn’t capture their attention instantly.

Animation has the power to grab people’s attention easily with its cartoon figures and bright colours. This means that people are more likely to engage with the content and share it with their friends and family.

Minimum Changes can Create the Maximum Impact

If you are creating a live-action video, it’s quite hectic to make a change. You need to contact the actors, fix a time with them, book a location, and recreate the exact condition when the original video was shot. If your actor got an injury or even a haircut, he/she may not be able to shoot for your video.

An animation video is absolutely fuss-free. The animator can always recreate the same frame and characters and remove or add more slides to the video. So if you need to bring any alteration to your video, the animation is your best bet.

Less Expensive

In a live-action video, you may either feature a celebrity/influencer or a talented person. Both of them can charge you really high. Selecting a location, arranging for a DOP and editor – all these will increase your budget. Costumes, special effects, etc. will also impact your budget. The worst part is that you cannot predict that a high-budget video will invariably bring you more audience and conversions.

Further, a live-action video is more time-consuming. One poorly acted scene or even improper lighting can turn your audience off.

On the other hand, a product or a company video can positively impact a small or mid-sized business and an enterprise alike. So, what would the SMBs do? An animated explainer video gives a break from all these. Animated video creation doesn’t cost you an extensive amount. All you need is to have an appealing theme. Copywriters can help you in this regard. Graphic designers can easily create an animated character or get one from a website selling stock images. You need not worry about costume, lighting, or location. The animators will do it all with a mouse click! All you need is to find out the right animation company to work with. Remember, unqualified professionals can ruin a video and it can evoke a negative impact on the audience.

Improved Awareness & Sales

The ultimate aim to create a video is not only to entertain or educate people but to bring conversions. Video marketing has proved to be one of the most potent tools to drive awareness and conversions. A study by Invespcro shows the consumers who watch product videos have 144% more chances of adding the product to their shopping cart. Whiteboard style sketch, 2D animation, typography, and effects are great ways to bring an idea to life.

We hope that the reasons convinced you to ask a reputed digital marketing agency in India to craft animated videos and market them on social media channels. Here are a few crucial tips to bear in mind while creating an animated video.

Handpicked Tips to Create an Animated Explainer Video

Integrate a Video in Your Website

Marketing a video is always effective in bringing more traffic to your site but integrating a video on your website is also helpful. If you own an eCommerce website, you can integrate a small product demo. You can also incorporate a company-centric video on your business website. This instantly draws people’s attention and brings them closer to you. A video is a great tool to explain your business aim or product/services, so you must leverage its potential.

Bring an Emotional Touch

While creating a video pay attention to trigger an emotion among the audience. It need not always bring tears to their eyes. It can be funny and witty. Make sure that the video glorifies your business as a rescuer. You can feature a character in trouble and explain how your product has helped him or her to come out of it.

Tell A Story

When you are creating a video for social media marketing, it’s better to tell a story through the video instead of simply featuring a product or a service. We will explain the reason. When you give a demo to a product, the video mainly features the same product from different angles. On the other hand, on a story-based animated video, there’s a string of narrative that connects the entire theme and appeals more to the audience. And that’s what you want in your social media marketing efforts, isn’t it?

Wrapping Up

As you can see, an animated explainer video is useful to drive greater brand awareness and conversions. Research by Eyeview Digital reveals that a video on a landing page can enhance conversions by 80%. Leverage the tool and improve your sales.

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